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3 Joyful Summer Dining Rooms that Pop with Color

Many love to bring on the warm weather by designing summer dining rooms that are inspired by summer. That means pops of bright summer colors to make your family and guests feel the joy of your entertaining spirit. So, to give you some ideas about how to design a dining space that will uplift everyone’s spirits, let’s take a look at these three inspirations.

Joyful Summer Dining Rooms

Cheerful Pineapples

The playful fun of the pineapple prints on the wallpaper and the bright yellow and black contrasting chairs ensures this room never gets boring. The oversized basket pendant lights and the woven rattan rug bring just the right amount of organic textures for a more relaxing nature.

The light ashen wood carries over to the buffet and adds yet another earthy texture that softens the room along with the beautiful dark wood floors. The greenery and hot pink flowers are placed in clear glass containers with rattan bases to add their own pops of pizazz. This combines for an exciting yet comfortable room that is great for long conversations.

Summer Dining Room

For a summer dining room such as this, incorporate color in moderation and use the rug as balance with its deeper hues of raspberry, blue, golden yellow, and orange. Then, for a fresh feeling, set a large green palm tree in the corner in a blue pot.

These Eames style chairs are what first caught my eye about this room. The light blue of the chairs comes to life over the bright blue in the rug. Moreover, they are perfect with the mid-century style table and buffet.

Eclectic Breakfast Nook

Salvaged wood beams on the ceiling against the bright white walls give this breakfast nook contrast and character. Eclectic mixtures of style from just about every angle in this room are topped off by an unusual chandelier that serves as the focal point.

Beneath it, the rustic table is surrounded by an array of chairs and a velvet bench that look as if they might have just stepped out of a fairy tale about the old and the new. This stunning breakfast nook is a place of relaxing family gatherings and sparkling conversations.

I hope you’ve found inspiration from these bright summer dining rooms. Now it’s time for you to design something special for your home! To further help you with other designs around your home, we’ve included some links below.

All Images Courtesy of Canva.

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