Keeping our homes at the ideal temperature is so important. If your house is too hot or too cold, you cannot sleep well at all. You will shiver or sweat from the weather outside, and your home cannot provide you with the relief you need. It can also negatively affect your health. Hot days without relief from air conditioning can cause you to succumb to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If it is too cold, you can not only be a shivering, uncomfortable mess, but you can also get hypothermia. 

Your furnace and air conditioning units make sure that you live in a safe and comfortable home. When they break down, they can leave us feeling hot, cold, and absolutely miserable. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a repair contractor, like Heglar Heating and Air Conditioning, to ensure that you’re never without your AC or Furnace. 

Why You Need a Furnace & AC Repair Contractor in Humboldt, TN

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Before your air conditioner or furnace stops working, there are usually signs. Knowing these signs can help prevent your air conditioner or furnace from shutting down for weeks on end while you wait for the repairs. Here are some signs you need a repair contractor to check out your furnace or air conditioning. 

They make a lot of noise when you turn them on

A gentle hum should sound from your air conditioning unit or your furnace when you turn it on. But once it starts, it should be as silent as a mouse. If you hear a rattling, screeching, and a loud vibration coming from your vents or the unit itself, then you most likely have something wrong with the mechanical structure of your unit. 

A repair contractor can help you determine where the problem lies. They can recommend repairs and alternatives so you can know exactly what you can do to keep your unit running smoothly.

Dents, rust, and other damage

Air conditioning units are especially susceptible to damage because they are located outside your home. Rain, flooding, fire, trees, and animals can damage your air condition unit and cause them to not work as properly. If you notice your air conditioner has not been working as well as usual, then I recommend going outside and looking. If you notice visible damage, like dents, scratches, or broken pieces falling from the unit, that is why your air conditioner is not working. 

The same goes for your furnace. While it is not usually outside your home like an air conditioner, it can also get damaged occasionally. If you are moving large furniture near the furnace, have pets, or have kids, then there is a possibility an accident can happen that damages the unit. It is best to have a professional check if you notice something. If you need to replace the entire unit, follow the link to learn more about the cost. 

You notice little to no air coming from your vents

There should be a strong and steady flow of air coming from the vents whenever you turn on your furnace or air conditioner. If you notice a little airflow coming from the vents, then that is a good sign that there is something wrong. 

To find out if it is in the ventilation itself, I suggest turning on both your air conditioner and your furnace for a short time, just to see how much air releases from the vent. If one unit has more power behind the ventilation, then that is a good sign that it is only one unit that is broken. If both units fail, then there could be something wrong with the ductwork. A repair contractor will check the ventilation for clogs and potential problems within the unit itself. They will know exactly how to diagnose and repair every problem that could contribute to your low air pressure. 

Terrible smell

Terrible smells are usually a bad sign, no matter what. It usually means decay, rot, or a leak somewhere. With a furnace, a poor smell could show a possible gas leak. Furnaces should not smell, and if they do, it’s usually when they’re first turned on for the year. The smell is supposed to disappear after it runs for a while. If you notice it is not, then there is something wrong. 

The same can be said for an air conditioner. Air conditioners use refrigerant to cool the air coming in and out of the vents. If it is leaking, you might notice a smell and warmer air coming from the vents. You want to get this fixed as soon as possible because a leak like this will cause you to lose money and prevent your air conditioner from doing its job.

There are other reasons both machines could suddenly smell. An animal could live within your vents or have died in your air conditioning unit and is causing it to smell. There is the possibility of mold and mildew growing on older units and new ones too if the conditions are good enough. Fire or overheated electrical circuits can smell as well, so if you smell burning, shut your unit off completely and call a repairman for advice. 


Air conditioners and furnaces are great at keeping your home at the best possible temperature. If you notice they are no longer working as well as they used to, then it is better to call a repair contractor right away instead of letting it ride out. You could cause more damage, which can lead to you replacing the entire system. Keep an eye out for the signs and you will ensure that you keep your air conditioner and furnace on for the long term. 


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