You can handle certain repairs around the house on your own but there are some projects you need a pro for. And with the explosive growth of home renovation TV shows and YouTube instructions, it is faster and easier than ever to feel confident about performing repairs on your own. But sometimes, DIY home improvements can go south and even be disastrous. 

4 Home Improvement Projects You Need A Pro For

Projects You Need A Pro

Believe it or not, failed DIY projects can reduce a home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars and even dissuade potential buyers. While you may be able to handle easy DIY jobs such as repainting or basic repairs, you should do some research before attempting any of the following home renovations without the assistance of a certified expert.  

Continue reading below for 4 home improvement projects that a pro should handle.  

1. Roofing 

When it comes to roofing, DIY projects commonly go wrong. And when they do go wrong, fix them with the help of a professional. It may cost more than it would have been to call a professional from the beginning. 

It also only takes one wrong move or a loose tile to push you off the edge of your roof. And the injury from a roof may not be something you can shake off. So consider if the money you’d save by doing the project yourself is worth the risk of personal danger and whether you genuinely have the expertise to warrant taking the lead on the project.

Aside from that, poorly done roofing work would most likely appear uneven and obvious from the outside, lowering your home’s curb appeal and affecting its resale value. With so much on the line, roofing companies in Pensacola recommend you contact a professional for any and all of your roofing needs.   

2. Tiling                        

Tiling is a great way to give your kitchen a facelift which is likely to pay off when it comes time to sell your house. And you’re likely wondering how tile work can go wrong.  But there is much more to good tile work than putting up the tiles in a single line. Unless you’re an expert, tiling your own bathroom or kitchen will probably take much longer than you would think, and it still may not look how you wanted it to. 

In addition to the proper surface preparation, there’s the problem of selecting the correct tiles, measuring and slicing them to fit around obstructions like pipes and sinks, and grout and sealing. If you are unsure about your tiling abilities, this is a task best left to a professional. 

3. Plumbing Jobs

Whether dealing with unplugging a drain or replacing a broken faucet, plumbing repairs are another home improvement job that is best left to the pros. Of course, beginners should not handle significant tasks, such as replacing sewage tanks or water heaters, but even little DIY projects can go disastrously wrong. Toilets that aren’t built correctly, bathtubs, and plumbing can cause leaks or even flooding, and water damage can be costly to fix.

4. Making Structural Changes 

We should never attempt renovations involving structural improvements without the assistance of a qualified expert. Taking down walls without the proper support may weaken your entire home and cause catastrophic damage. 


When deciding whether to DIY, evaluate whether the amount of money you would save is worth the time and effort you’d have to put in. If done incorrectly, the same home upgrades that were supposed to save you money may wind up costing you a fortune. When it comes to working on your roof, tiling, doing plumbing jobs, or making any structural changes, leave it to the professionals to get the best results while saving yourself potential remodeling disasters. 

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