If you live in Burlington, you may have needed raccoon removal and prevention around your home. These animals are common in Canada, and they can be a nuisance when they invade your property. 

Expert Tips on Raccoon Removal and Prevention

Raccoon Removal and Prevention

A wildlife survey conducted by experts suggests the presence of almost 1 million raccoons in the Ontario province, which includes Burlington. Raccoons can cause damage to homes and businesses, and they can also spread diseases. 

Here are some tips by expert pest control companies for Raccoon prevention Burlington.

Keep Your Property Clean and Free of Food Sources

Raccoons are attracted to areas that are cluttered and full of potential food sources. To prevent raccoons from coming inside, keep your area clean and free of possible food sources. It includes maintaining tight trash cans, picking up fallen fruit from trees, and not leaving pet food outside.

You will make your property much less attractive to raccoons by taking away their food source.

If you have a garden, it is essential to take extra precautions to keep raccoons out. Raccoons love fruits and vegetables, so they will be drawn to any gardens on your property. 

Block Off Access to Your Home or Business

A piece of recent news reported following an unusual investigation. A 55-year-old Burlington man faces several charges, including cruelty to a raccoon.

Raccoons are protected under the Ontario Wildlife Act, and it is illegal to harm them. If you have a raccoon problem, the best thing you can do is block off access to your home or business. You can do this by sealing off openings into your attic or crawlspace and keeping garbage cans closed at all times. If you have pet food outside, bring it inside at night. 

Use Deterrents

When you hire experts for raccoon prevention in Burlington, they will install devices that make loud noises or flashes of light. These work to startle the animals and deter them from returning. You can also purchase these devices at most hardware stores.

I explained some other prevention techniques used by professionals below:

  • Trapping And Removing the Animals – they often do it when just a few raccoons are present. The animals are trapped and then relocated to a new area where they will not be a nuisance.
  • Exclusion – Involves sealing up all the entry points that raccoons are using to get into your home or property. They often do it in combination with trapping and removing the animals. Sealing up holes and repairing the damage can be difficult, so hiring a professional for this job is best.
  • Fencing – Installing a fence around a property can help keep raccoons out. The fence should be six feet tall and made of wire mesh buried a few inches underground.

Remove Potential Nesting Sites

Raccoons often nest in trees, so trimming branches and removing dead trees can help to prevent raccoons from taking up residence on your property.

If you have problems with raccoons, contact an expert company for a permanent solution.


Raccoons are a severe pest problem in Burlington, and it can complicate them to remove once they’ve taken up residence in your home. If you suspect you have a raccoon problem, the best action is to call a specialist.


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