In need of a wildlife removal service and have no idea what to ask? Ontario is home to an impressive variety of wildlife. It is home to large mammals like moose and small mammals like beavers. The province also has a large raccoon population that exceeds more than 100 per kilometer in some areas.

Questions To Ask A Wildlife Removal Service

Wildlife Removal Service

Burlington also has its fair share of raccoons, besides other wildlife like bats, squirrels, skunks and birds. Because of the high wildlife population, wild animals often venture into people’s homes, gardens, and backyards, creating many problems. They might hide inside your attic or any other place they find comfortable. Hiring professionals who offer services like wildlife removal Burlington is the best way to deal with this menace since they will know the best way to do it. But what questions must you ask them, and what is the other information you should be aware of? Read on to find out.

What Services Do They Offer?

The first question you must ask the experts in wildlife removal service in Burlington is the kind of services. It would be helpful if their services covered raccoons, squirrels, birds, and bats since these wild animals enter properties more frequently than others. For example, in Burlington, the most common bat that enters peoples’ homes is the big brown bat. Raccoons, skunks, and squirrels carry plenty of diseases like pseudorabies, rabies, canine distemper, and canine hepatitis. 

Do They Remove All Kinds of Birds?

Although birds are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, they can cause various diseases like West Nile Virus, poxvirus infection, Avian bornavirus, and Feather disease. They can also damage your property significantly with their droppings that can dissolve your material because their droppings have a high uric acid level. Birds’ nests are also known to cause fires, while their feces can also cause slip and fall accidents. Starlings, sparrows, and pigeons are the most common bird species in Burlington. Interestingly, starlings often build their nests inside the vents during Burlington’s summer and spring seasons, so you should be extra careful.

Do They Remove Dead Animals?

Removing dead animals from your property is often an emergency since they might carry many diseases that could be transmitted to your pets or other family members. For example, tularemia is caused by contact with a carcass, either by touching it or being bitten by flies and ticks. After the wildlife removal service removes the animal, they should also decontaminate the area. This is done to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for infections. 

Will They Remove Skunks?

Skunks are present in significant numbers in Southern Ontario and from Great Lakes to Hudson’s Bay in Ontario. They have a particularly unpleasant odor spray because of an organic compound called thiol that contains sulfur. A scratch or bite from this animal could lead to rabies, tularemia and hepatitis. If you are allergic to the spray they release when threatened, it could have fatal consequences. You must ask the professional removal service if they would remove skunks and do so humanely. Even though it may be unpleasant, the skunk plays a vital role in the ecosystem as it is a scavenger and keeps the ecosystem free from dead animals’ flesh.

What Process Do They Follow?

You must ask the wildlife removal specialists in Burlington what process they follow to remove the wild animal. Most efficient services usually begin with a consultation to understand the problem. They would then set up a date and time for an on-site inspection to assess the situation before proceeding. After the experts have removed the animal, they might decide to seal off all the entry points in the house. You can also depend on them to remove the feces left behind by the animal, repair the damages, and ensure they correctly decontaminate the area. 

These are some questions you might consider asking experts who provide wildlife removal service in Burlington before calling them to ensure the process is safe and hassle-free. You must never attempt to remove a wild animal yourself. This is because it could be dangerous to you and the animal, leading to unwanted consequences.



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