In desperate need of an AC repair? When the air conditioning goes out for residents in the Lawrenceville, GA, area, the summer temperatures soar on the inside of a home. The first thing to ensure is that all doors and windows are closed tight, and curtains, blinds, or any window coverings are closed to avoid heat coming in.

No matter the time of day, professional air conditioning contractors like Hero AC services provide emergency repairs for moments like these. Experts who work around the clock intend to keep customers in service so a malfunctioning system does not affect their health and safety.

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If you find that your specific provider is unable to come. There are options to execute to keep the house cool until AC repairs can be made. 

How To Cool A House When The AC Malfunctions

There are times when the air conditioning goes out, and our typical service provider is busy. Instead of reaching out to an emergency AC repair service in the Lawrenceville, GA area, you could opt to wait.

There are a few things you can do to cool down the household since temperatures inside the home will become unsafe rapidly. See here ways to cool off when you don’t have AC. Let’s look at a few ideas for taking some of the heat out of a home without air conditioning.

  • The Use of Fans

If you have fans in the house, you need to put these to strategic use. Fans are the most common option during an AC repair. They are among the most effective methods for bringing cool air into a space in the heat of the summer. The suggestion is that the “wind chill” from a fan has the potential for making the heat index feel as though it lowers nearly 4 degrees. With ceiling fans, these should be switched to where they blow the air down for a breeze effect. These fan breezes are not effective at lowering room temperature; they only bring the “chill” effect to people.

After the sun goes down, you can place the fans in the windows to push the cool night air in. Before the sun comes back up, turn everything off and close all the window coverings to try to keep cool.

  • Cool Yourself Down

When inside the home, ensure that you’re cool by wearing appropriate clothing. You can also keep a wet towel around the back of your neck. To sleep better wash the sheets and place them back on the bed still wet is another option to stay cool.

The household will increase steadily in temperature as the day goes on, meaning you will start to sweat more as your wait for an AC repair. That makes it critical to take in increasing amounts of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

  • Use Ice

When you place a bunch of ice cubes in a cup of water and put your hands above the glass, the air is cold. It is claimed that, if you place a block of ice in the center of a room you can cool the entire room.

We cannot ensure that this works or if this is a “grandmother’s tale”. But, it is told that it will keep a room comfortable until the AC provider can come.

 “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

  • Consider Emergency AC Repair

There is a sense of loyalty when using a trusted provider you use regularly. Unfortunately, they’re schedule is booked sometimes. Reach out to an emergency service that can fix the problem immediately. That way you are not in an unsafe environment trying to find ways to cool down.

This is why these contractors make themselves available when AC providers can’t. That way, you have minimal time spent in extreme temperatures.

If you are in need of a desperate AC repair follow these tips and trick to make your home more comfortable.

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