It’s always unpleasant to learn that your home has become a breeding ground for dangerous wildlife. When you find that out, it can be quite tempting to look for speedy removal methods. For many people, this can include attempting their own DIY natural home remedies for pests. 

Home remedies for pests have quite a few benefits, especially that they don’t expose you, or your pets, to dangerous chemicals, like store-bought repellents do. However, this might take a toll on the remedy’s efficiency.

6 Home Remedies For Pests & Wildlife

home remedies for pests

1. Strong-scented essential oil mix

Most pests and invasive wildlife species dislike powerful scents and stay away from things like lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint. If you’re worried about dust mites getting into your linens, you can use a mixture of some of these essential oils. Dilute it in plenty of water and spray it on your linens to keep mites away. 

Alternatively, you can also rely on the plant’s own powers to protect your garden patch. Planting lavender or mint can have a strong enough scent to drive wildlife like rodents, or raccoons out of your garden patch for good.

2. Coffee grounds

This is actually a great pest remedy, since you can actually enjoy the coffee, and you can get plenty of new grounds if you are a regular coffee drinker. The thing about coffee grounds is that they give off a highly pungent smell that most wild animals and pests can not stand. Scattering used coffee grounds around your property can keep wild critters away from your home and garden.

Of course, different areas of the country will attract different wildlife. You can visit to learn more about the wildlife most common in your part of the world.

3. Onion and water

If spiders are what you’re worried about, onions might be your new best friend. Simply identify the spiders’ entry point into your home, cut up some onions, and toss them into a bowl of water. Place this near the spiders’ entry point, and they most likely won’t bother you again.

Tip: While these remedies work well for prevention, they are unlikely to do much in removing wildlife from your home. In that case, your best bet would be to reach out to a certified wildlife removal professional like Wildlife X Team Tulsa.

4. Garlic spray

Another really potent wildlife and pest repellent that you can cook up right in your kitchen is this garlic spray. Since garlic has a powerful smell, it’s hated by many wild animals and pests. To make a spray, you’ll want to ground up a few cloves of garlic, until it’s pureed. You can then mix it with a bit of water, and even some dish soap, to increase the potency of this remedy.

Once the mixture is spray-like, put it into an empty spray bottle, and spray around your garden, attic, or any other area where you’re worried about wild animals. 

5. Chili spray

Similarly to the garlic we were just talking about, chili is also really potent in keeping wild animals away thanks to its strong and unpleasant odor. You can simply follow the above recipe or even combine the chili with the garlic for an extra potent mix.

6. Vegetable oil

This is more suited for tiny insects, rather than large mammals, but since those can be as dangerous, here’s what you do: mix vegetable oil with mild dish soap, and spray liberally on your garden or in your yard.

In Conclusion

Nobody wants wildlife or pests in or around their home. Some pest repellents can be dangerous to you and your pets. Therefore, we hope these different natural home remedies for pests to keep away wildlife, spiders, insects, etc.


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