Nuisance wildlife season is almost upon us. With it comes a gentle hoard of little intruders that are heading straight for your property. While that isn’t repulsive, the presence of unwanted wildlife does cause concerns for the modern homeowner. One of the most at-risk areas of the house is your porch. To that end, today we’re bringing you information about how to wildlife-proof your porch.

Questions To Ask To Wildlife Proof Your Porch

How to Wildlife-Proof Your Porch

What’s the main concern about wildlife and your porch?

The biggest issue around your porch is the space directly underneath it. Due to natural wear-and-tear, you might discover that a gap has appeared in the foundation right underneath your porch. To you, that might just seem unsightly, but to wild animals out there, it’s an open invitation to hole up inside.

Because the space under your porch will be relatively enclosed (so difficult to get to), and dark, it will become an ideal nesting space for all sorts of wild animals, like snakes, raccoons, rats, and so on.

How do you wildlife-proof your porch?

Well, obviously, you will want to seal the hole under your porch as soon as possible, to minimize the risk of attracting wildlife. Before you do this, however, do check underneath, to make sure wild animals haven’t made a home there already, to avoid the risk of trapping them inside.

You can attempt to close off the hole underneath your porch yourself or allow a professional to take care of it. There are all sorts of resources out there about DIY wildlife protection, so if you’re passionate about housework and DIYs, then attempting this might be ideal for you.

Once you’re certain it’s safe to do so, you can begin the sealing process by filling the gap in with sturdy material, like cement, or some other material that you know won’t just open up again in a month.

Contact the professionals to wildlife-proof your porch.

Alternatively, you can contact a wildlife removal professional or a home repair service. Companies like A+ Animal Solutions, offer you solutions not only for repairing but also for preventing wildlife invasions on your property. So they may be able to offer adequate support.

Educate yourself about your area.

It is also wise to educate yourself a little about the different types of wild animals in your area. For instance, if raccoons are prevalent where you live, you may want to visit to learn what to do about raccoons under the porch. If snakes are a problem, then research snake prevention, and so on. It’s always best to prepare yourself in advance, and that starts by knowing your area.

In addition to underneath your porch, you might also want to fence off the porch using wire mesh, or hardware cloth. You can do this by digging a trench around the porch. It’s important that you get that hardware cloth in the dirt, as well as around the porch since this prevents wild animals from attempting to dig under your porch. So make sure that you’re not just sealing off the obvious, visible problem, but also thinking ahead, and protecting your home against potential future damage.

Other types of prevention.

Prevention also relies on making your property as undesirable to wildlife as possible. Keeping your yard neat and tidy, sealing trash cans, and removing obvious food and water sources that might appeal to wild animals are all important steps in protecting your home. Just keeping your home clean and orderly goes a long way in protecting it from wildlife.

In conclusion.

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