Tips for Hiring a Painting Company

Painting is an important step in finishing or touching up a building. You may want to get the interior or exterior of a building painted and you may not feel comfortable doing it yourself. If that’s the case, here are five tips for hiring a painting company.

  1. Know What You Need When Painting Your Home

There are many types of painting specialties, so it’s important to know what you need for your painting work. Think about whether you want to paint the interior or exterior of your building. If it’s the exterior, then you need to know how big the area you want to be painted. If it’s the interior, then you need to know how many rooms you want to be painted and how big those rooms are. You should also consider the type of building and the time of year you want the work to be done.

  1. Research Potential Painting Companies

For example, if you’re looking for exterior painting work in Arizona, then you should start by looking for an AZ painting company that specializes in exterior work. Once you know what type of company you need to work with and where the work is located, you can begin narrowing down your options. Perform initial research to find the group of companies that applies to your situation. Collect referrals and check customer reviews. Request interviews with the most likely options and vet them by checking their credentials and portfolios.

  1. Compare Multiple Painting Company Estimates 

One of the things you should request from contractors you’re considering hiring is an estimate. You should request estimates from your top three options and compare them. Most painting companies send contractors to your building to view the space and discuss your needs with you so they can provide you with the most accurate estimate. The estimate should also include the type of paint and the projected amount needed, the taxes included and the cost of labor and any other materials required to complete the work.

  1. Set Clear Expectations for Painting Company

When you choose the contractor you want to hire, make sure you both set clear expectations. If you have specific color, design or paint brand requirements, let the contractor know as soon as possible. Coordinate your schedule with that of the contractor and let the company’s representatives know when you have questions or want to request recommendations.

  1. Get All Agreements in Writing from Painting Company

Always get any agreements you make with the company you choose to work with in writing. This ensures that all parties involved in the work uphold their end of the bargain. Confirm all details of the work plan from beginning to end and include the payment plan and total cost in the contract. Both you and the representative of the painting company should include your contact information in the contract and sign it.

Make sure you work with a painting contractor or company you feel comfortable with. Your ideal business relationship should include services that fall within your budget and needs, a contractor who is amenable to compromise and someone who seems willing to listen and discuss things with you.

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