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There isn’t a proud homeowner on the planet that doesn’t dream of redesigning their home. However, this dream always seems to stay in that untouchable realm of wants and wishes for two simple reasons: time and money. This is the part where you are probably nodding your head just enough to notice, a little case of empathy creeping into your cognisance. If that is the case, then quickly boil the kettle, make a Green Tea, and then sit back and relax because we’ve come up with a number of ways in which you can give your home décor a freshened look without having to risk paying your mortgage this month and without having to give up much more than an afternoon.

Read on to see how your home decor dreams can become a reality with our favorite decorating tips and tricks that all have one thing in common; affordable and look great:

10 Quick & Affordable Home Décor Tricks

Trick 1 – Adding Beadboard Paneling

This little hack is one of the most simple, effective and amazing ways to give your rooms that little custom touch. To add a little character to a kitchen and bathroom, beadboard paneling will do that. Run it just 3 to 4 feet up the wall and finish it with a chair-rail. I recommend hiring a carpenter for a quick turnaround and saving time, but if you are confident in your DIY skills then, by all means, do it.

Painting it to match the trim work in the room gives it a nice crisp look and adds a layer of depth. There are varying prices of beadboard paneling depending on if you go with a machined groove that costs less than the individual planks. The individual planks will take a more skilled labor person to do.

Trick 2 – Create Curb Appeal

A little touch of landscaping is all it takes to boost your home’s curb appeal and become the nicest looking house on the block. Start by giving the front door eye-catching paint color. Frame your front door with colorful plants that compliment your door color. Another home décor tip that I always give is to add some type of seating, it just gives that inviting message to people visiting. 

Trick 3 – A Trio Of Art

A simple way to give any room in your home an extra splash of wow is what interior designers call a triptych or, as the rest of us would call it, a piece of art split into three panels. These have become more and more popular over the past few years. The issue is, they tend to be on the more daunting side of a person’s budget unless you make one yourself, which is easily done.

All you need to do is find a lovely, high-quality image on the internet, purchase it and get it printed out somewhere locally. Cut it into three so that it fits into standard size frames you picked up from a craft store. No need to commission your own piece of art or buy some overly expensive frames because they are gilded and “antique”, just a little bit of clever DIY is all it takes.

Trick 4 – Add a Fence

Nothing says exclusive, private or “we’re living the American Dream” quite like a white picket fence at the front of your house, which is why so many real estate agents always list it as one of the simplest ways to improve the value of your home. However, it is the little details, like the ones made by Atlanta Post Caps, that can make all the difference. That’s how to put the cherry on the cake and lift your nice fence into the realm of absolutely stunning. 

Trick 5 – New Faucets

To jazz up the bathroom and kitchen areas purchase new hardware to give it a whole new look. Simple things like door handles, cabinetry knobs and window toggles all work wonders, but fancy new faucets really do the trick for your home décor.

These will inject a bit of elegance into your day-to-day life and create the look you were hoping to achieve without having to do anything more than changing out the old for new. Chrome, copper, bronze, black; whatever look it is you want to create, it is easily done with a new faucet. Just make sure it fits your current sink or you could find this cheap and cheerful upgrade getting more expensive than you first hoped.

Trick 6 – Create an Outdoor Seating Area

Fix up your outdoor living area with some pavers,  use flagstone to add a warm and inviting feel. This is a perfect opportunity to create a social gathering area possibly around a fire pit. There is something about a fire feature that people love. There are many prefabricated fire pit units you can pick up at your local building store that are beautiful and affordable.

Trick 7 Add Molding

If you want to cheat your way to creating a much more sophisticated vibe in your home, then your best bet is to add that defining wall feature known only as crown molding. The molding looks good in every room and you don’t have to do every room at once if your budget doesn’t allow for it. If you live in a home of some historic architecture, you just need to make sure you choose some molding that will complement it or it could look out of place.

Trick 8 Open Your View

If your home looks out on a beautiful view then make sure to let the outside inside by removing any heavy curtains that could impede your view. If you have a bright garden or live on the ocean then you might want to create a more neutral color palette. and let your view pop. Accentuate the colors you see outside the window with accents like bright colored pillows. The trick is to let the outside inside.

Trick 9 – Add Real Plants 

I love fresh plants and flowers in my home. Make sure that you strategically place them so they can be seen as focal points. Grow stations are becoming a new trend in kitchen design because people love the idea of fresh plants. For color, pick up a clear glass vase with a small neck that makes it easy to put fresh colorful flowers in, they always fall beautifully.

Trick 10 – Add a Feature Wall

Feature walls are easy and make a big impact to any room. A simple can of paint in a bold color can do it but if you want to really make a wow factor add some texture to a wall with adhesive wood planks by Stikwood.com. These decorative wall strips are inexpensive and easy to do, perfect for the DIYer.

See, a total home décor overhaul doesn’t need much more than an afternoon and a piggy bank of loose change. It just takes a little bit of creativity.

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