Installing a new roof is a large investment, but what is the added value of a new roof? First, it costs anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well over $25,000 for a new roof installation.

Another factor to consider is if you plan to sell your home soon. A new roof might help in raising your selling price. So, answering the question about how much value a new roof adds to your home’s appraisal is important.

We invite you to examine the factors that go into the appraisal value of a new roof with this easy guide.

The Important Questions To Ask About the Value of a New Roof

Will a New Roof Add Value Your Guide to Roofing Appraisals

➊ Is Your Current Roof in Bad Shape?

Before you start tossing around the idea of putting a new roof on your home and wondering, “Will a new roof increase my home’s value?”, it’s a good idea to wait for the inspection of your roof to determine the current condition.

If your roof isn’t that old and still in decent shape, investing in a new one might not make sense. While it increases the value of your home a bit, it might not make a big enough difference.

If anything, you might want to do basic roof repairs to inject some life back into your current roof. In fact, that might be a better solution for some homeowners.

➋ What Type of New Roof Do You Want?

If you take a closer look at your current roof and find that it’s not in good condition at all, then you should think about getting a new roof. You should also think about what kind of roof you’re going to put on.

There are lots of different kinds of roofs that you can install on your home, including asphalt shingle roofs, wooden shake roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and more. Certain types of roofs are going to increase your home’s value more than others.

You might want to see what kinds of roofs other homes in your area have on them and set out to make your roof better. You may be able to raise your home’s value significantly by going with something like a metal or tile roof.

➌ What Size of New Roof Do You Require?

Do you have a pretty small home without much of a roof on it? Or do you have a gigantic home with a huge roof to match?

The size of your roof could play a big part in how much it helps increase the value of your home. Generally speaking, a larger roof with a lot of bells and whistles is going to work wonders for your home’s value, while a smaller roof won’t have as much of an impact.

This is because a larger roof is going to affect your home’s curb appeal a whole lot more than a smaller one. By giving your home better curb appeal than it has at the moment, it’s going to help it earn a higher appraisal.

➍ Do You Want a Roof that is Energy-Efficient?

Currently, there are more and more home buyers who look for energy efficiency in homes before they buy. It’s very important to them for homes to be as energy-efficient as possible.

As someone who is preparing to sell a house, you can do a number of things to make your home more energy-efficient than it is right now. Consider the following tasks to increase your energy efficiency:

  • Install more modern appliances
  • Put a programmable thermostat into place
  • Replace old windows and doors
  • Inspect insulation and replace it as necessary

Replacing your old roof with a new one might also do the trick when you try giving your home’s energy efficiency a boost. Interestingly, a new roof stops the sun’s heat from taking a toll on your home and helps vent your attic space much better.

➎ What is a Bonus Added Value to a New Roof?

There is another important thing to note when you invest in a new roof for your home. Your potential home buyers will get the benefit of a warranty on the new roof. In fact, most new roofs come with warranties that span 15, 20, 25, and even 30 years. That alone is an amazing bonus selling feature.

When people purchase a home with a new roof on it that has a good warranty, it means they don’t have the expense or replacing their roof anytime soon. This automatically makes a home more attractive to potential buyers.

➏ So, How Much Value Does a New Roof Add?

Anytime you put a new roof onto a home, it’s going to increase its value. But the question is: How much value does a new roof add? As you now know, it depends on several factors. Your decision includes many factors, from the type of roof installation to the size of the roof. So, keep each of these points in mind as you decide whether or not to install a new roof prior to selling.

If you have any questions or suggestions you want to add, please do so in the comments below. You will also find other interesting articles below about all things design.

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