The space where we live and work has a big impact on mood, motivation, and overall mental health. As a result, over the past few decades, office buildings are becoming more comfortable by design. That includes personal touches and softer lines to help increase employee comfort and motivation. Amazingly, you can do the same things with your home spaces or even design a whole new one to change your life for the better.

There are various preparations you must do before embarking on the process of changing your space. For instance, you can check out The Tool Scout and read comprehensive product reviews of the tools you might be using for your project. If you want to learn more about how you can change your life by changing your space, make sure to read on!

Change Your Life by Changing Your Space

Change Your Space Change Your Life

• Get Inspired

The first step is to find inspiration for the changes you want to make. This is done by looking through custom home builder pictures, interior designer portfolios, or home décor publications. Through these places you will find a variety of choices and styles for inspiration. Also, read mental health blogs or follow design influencers on social media platforms. Then, search online for specific remedies, like which colors increase happiness.

• Create Comfort

Many who are moving, have a list of things they don’t like about their current space. Moreover, most of those are about comfort. Creating a comfortable space is easier than you think. Sharp edges and rough textures appeal to the primal danger instincts, so going for round arms on chairs and couches, along with soft blankets is a quick fix. Remember, safe and comfortable often go together. Therefore, seek out the things that make you feel on-edge and focus on those changes first.

• Illuminate Your Space

Not enough lighting or dark colored walls makes you feel closed in, especially in a small space. While it is a permanent fix to build a custom home with all the room you need, it’s not in everyone’s budget. Changing the paint color to one a few shades lighter.

However, upgrading light fixtures is a more cost-effective fix. Additionally, it gives you a new outlook on your home. In fact, some older homes don’t have overhead lighting in living rooms. Instead, they rely on lamps, meaning that you have to renovate if you want pot lights or an overhead fixture.

• Reduce Clutter

There are a couple of kinds of clutter, visual and audible being the most common Reducing visual clutter often means first finding bins or boxes for your smaller items. Next comes purging unnecessary belongings. Then, you want to keep toys off the floor. All of this combines to make your space more relaxing.

Also, consider creative storage solutions for small spaces. This works by clearing the clutter way from your line of sight to give you a break. Audible clutter is harder to reduce in spaces like apartment buildings with thin walls or dorms, but do-it-yourself tricks like hanging thick blankets or tapestries on separating walls always helps.

In spaces where you have more control over the sound, turning on calming music and ensure there are not multiple devices producing sound. Doing so makes a big difference in your mood after a stressful day.

Here’s to Changing Your Space!

Changing your space with a new home or a renovation improves your mood by helping you relax and feel comfortable. Also, consider the paint color, add comforting décor choices, and reducing clutter if your budget is smaller. Finding inspiration from home builders’, interior designers and style influencers’ photos is a good way to get started.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions on how to change your life by changing your space. If you have any other comments or suggestions, please leave them in the section below. You will also find other fantastic links to articles about all things design.

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