Many places around the world need air conditioning to stay safe during the hottest months of the year. Without the help of this important tool, people run the risk of heatstroke and more. This is not a time when you want to discover air conditioner problems in your home.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your air conditioner in peak condition. All homeowners should know about the most common air conditioner problems so that their AC system is always available when necessary.

Keep reading to learn more about the different issues that may pop up as you continue to use your air conditioner, as well as ways to fix them. 

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Problems

1 • Clogged Filter

Whenever you notice something wrong with your air conditioner, the first AC troubleshooting step is to check the filter. A clogged filter is the cause of a lot of problems, such as poor airflow or blowing warm air instead of cold.

The good news is that a dirty filter problem is easy to fix. Most only need a quick rinse or a bit of gentle scrubbing and they’re good to work again. Sometimes it’s more worth it to put in a whole new filter if the old one is not salvageable.

Always make sure to have extra filters available in your home so that you can switch them out whenever necessary.

2 • Overheating

If your air conditioner turns itself off all the time, it may be overheating.

Clogged filters play a part in making an air conditioner work too hard, causing it to heat up. Another cause is the placement of the system. If your AC system is sitting in a place that gets a lot of sunshine, that extra heat from the sun makes it work a lot harder to cool everything down.

Don’t forget to check the seals on your windows. You don’t want any warm air from the outside leaking through old seals. That extra hot air makes your AC overwork to cool everything back down.

3 • Leaking Fluid

Any kind of leakage is a big problem. One of the most common is when the refrigerant inside the unit finds a way through some crack or damaged area.

Refilling the refrigerant is a super quick fix and gives you some extra time for the AC to run, but it doesn’t get rid of the underlying problem. Sooner or later, that refill runs out and you’re still left with a broken machine where the leak will only get worse with time.

Repairing air conditioning systems that leak is tricky and requires some level of expertise to do correctly. Trying to do it yourself runs the risk of ruining the AC even more without even realizing it. Your best bet is to call in a professional to take a look at the system for an AC repair.

The experts at AC Repair in Riverside, CA, for example, know how to take apart the system and fix the damages without causing more problems.

4 • Faulty Fan

An AC that has poor airflow never reaches the cooler temperatures you desire. When that happens, you’re stuck in a too-hot room even though the AC runs all day.

This is most often a problem with the fan itself. Check to make sure there’s nothing blocking the air vents or stopping the fan from rotating properly. You also want to check to see if there’s anything that’s wrapped itself around the base of the fan, keeping it from turning.

Once these blockages are no longer a problem, you’ll have an air conditioner that works wonders.

5 • Cracked Air Ducts

Another problem that keeps your air conditioner from blowing cool air is when the air ducts crack. This kind of damage leaks out all of the cold air your AC works hard to create, leaving you sweltering and uncomfortable.

Sometimes it’s possible to slap on some duct tape if you’re able to find the damaged area. Most times, however, it’s difficult to find the crack because it’s either too small or too hard to reach. 

If you notice that a lot of air escapes through your ducts, it’s a good idea to call in a professional company to replace the air ducts. They’ll get into all of the nooks and crannies of your system to weed out all the cracks and weakened areas that are wasting your cold air.

6 • Obstructed Drain Line

As your air conditioner works to cool down your house, it needs a place to expel all of the collected moisture. That’s where a drain line comes into play, but it’s blocked or dirty, that moisture has nowhere to go. It sits and builds up in your system and can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked for a while.

From time to time, check the outdoor parts of your AC unit and make sure nothing is blocking the drains or vents. This one extra step helps extend the lifetime of your AC and produces better results.

7 • Strange Smells

When you do have a build-up of too much moisture in your AC, weird odors cling to the air coming through your vents. It’s not only moisture that causes these weird smells. Burnt filters, electrical issues, and other types of damage also have an impact on the quality of your air.

Whenever you smell a strange scent in the air, turn off the air conditioner and see about getting it repaired. Going through all of the problems listed above is a good way to eliminate a lot of potential problems and clear up the smell. If the smells persist, call in for AC repair right away.

Here’s to Eliminating Your Air Conditioner Problems

Many of these problems are trying to tell you something about your AC system. So, when you run into any of the air conditioner problems listed above, take action. By leaving the AC to run with these issues, you’ll end up lowering the lifetime of your system. If these problems continue to get worse, it will cost you even more in the long run.

Tackle these problems right away to keep your air conditioner in peak condition all year round. Looking to learn how to get the most out of your home? Check out the links below for all things design for your home, business, and lifestyle.

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