The kitchen is perhaps the most hazardous place that a toddler or baby encounters on a daily basis. If you recently welcomed a new little person to your family (or have one on the way), then making the room safe that holds your knives and other dangerous items is a must. Just in case you don’t know where to begin, here are six tips to help child-proof your kitchen.

5 Steps to Child-Proof Your Kitchen

5 Steps to Child-Proof Your Kitchen

1 • The Induction Cook Top

Rather than heating the cook top like you do with gas and electric stoves, induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy. Amazingly, it heats the contents of your pan directly, not the surface itself. This means faster cooking times while losing less energy in the process.

What makes this option especially well-suited to the busy parent, however, is that it doesn’t burn little fingers and hands that come into contact with the cook top. Just be sure to invest in induction compatible cookware when making the switch to this child-safe alternative.

2 • Secure Freestanding Cabinetry to the Wall

If you have any freestanding cabinets, storage units, or cupboards, make sure to bolt them down or secure them correctly. It’s a horrible thought but furniture tip-over fatalities occur in American households happens more times than you might think. This is something you don’t want to risk, so bolt them down right away. Also, take no chances by having a handy person do it – if you’re not the biggest DIY enthusiast.

3 • Reorganize & Lock Doors and Drawers

While the common-sense baby proof measure of locking up applies to every room in your home, in your kitchen it is mandatory for safety. Before baby arrives, be sure to throw out chemicals, cleaning liquids, and sharp or heavy items that you do not regularly use. Additionally, switch to organic and safer alternatives whenever possible. Then, make sure anything hazardous or breakable is out of reach on the highest shelves.

These precautions are necessary to keep those those wandering and curious little ones safe. However, there are many types of safety latches, plastic loops, and magnetic locks available. So, continue to do your research and ensure that installation of the right locks and security measures keep your children safe in the kitchen.

4 • Say Goodbye to Fridge Magnets

They might be nostalgic souvenirs or even practical if they contain information, but to a child, a fridge magnet is nothing more than a serious choking hazard. All the colors and patterns of fridge magnets seem engaging to a baby who doesn’t understand. These small items are extremely dangerous in little hands so, either keep them up high or say goodbye. 

5 • Keep Your Surfaces Slip-Proof 

Ditch the tablecloth. For new parents, they end up being just another item that you will need to add to the work load. Also, tablecloths are within easy reach for pulling by your child. Additionally, avoid slips and falls in the kitchen by using skid-proof rugs on your floors. Ideally, choose rugs that are machine washable because although they prevent your family members from slipping, food spills and stains still happen!

While being a parent is challenging, it is also a fun and deeply touching experience. By following these child-proof kitchen tips, you’ll be able to enjoy this milestone with a little more peace of mind.

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