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Lawn care is an absolute must if you want to enjoy great landscaping throughout the year. We all know that Mother Nature can be both beautiful and harsh. Homeowners throughout the country face an onslaught of potential natural disasters. From earthquakes to floods, fires, blizzards, severe thunderstorms and beyond, we experience it all. Of course, there are ways to remedy the damage caused, but we always advocate for preventative maintenance.

When it comes to lawn care and landscaping, there are some great ways to storm-proof your surroundings. Here are three of the best tips to try.

Try These Lawn Care Tips to Storm-Proof Your Landscaping

Take Care of Your Trees

Try These Lawn Care Tips to Storm-Proof Your Landscaping

One of the biggest causes of landscaping and lawn damage is actually your trees. They’re beautiful and sturdy, but in the worst of times, they can wreak havoc on your yard. Take, for example, Minneapolis and St.Paul. This metro area has the most trees per capita in the United States, but they also experience severe weather from high winds to snow and evening flooding. These powerful natural elements rip through the area causing Twin Cities storm damage throughout no matter the season.

Naturally, fallen trees are dangerous to your home, its inhabitants, and they can severely damage your lawn area. Consider preventing future damage by opting for regular pruning of oversized limbs. For younger trees, anchor them to ensure they’re secure, and wrap trees with a breathable insulating material at extreme temperatures. By taking these steps, you’re preventing excessive debris, as well as ensuring the longevity of your trees.

Dealing with Rainwater

Lawn care protect your yard from water

One of the best lawn care tips is to mitigate water damage. Many homeowners deal with excessive rainfall and water flow across certain areas of their lawn. Not only is this unattractive, but it causes soil erosion and becomes a breeding ground for insects and pests, as well.

It’s absolutely essential to protect your home and lawn from heavy rainfall whenever possible. We recommend installing a modern gutter system that directs water away from the house and/or utilizes it elsewhere. One creative way to protect the lawn from excess water is to install a mini-pond where the water likes to pool. It’s simple, decorative, and efficient. Another great option is to install a french drain or trench drain system, obviously depending on where the flooding occurs.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn Care & Maintenance

In reality, great lawn care is simple. The fewer elements you have in your yard, the fewer items that can potentially cause it harm. You’ll notice that many storm-proof lawn designs group similar items throughout the yard. This is obviously aesthetic, but it’s also a fool-proof way to group potential areas of damage. While we’d love to say you can prevent all damage, it’s simply not in the cards.

That being said, we always recommend keeping a healthy distance between your home and large trees or bushes. The shade is obviously desirable in the hot summer months, but it can put your home at greater risk. It’s a delicate balancing act, but the beauty of great lawn care and landscaping is that it can be done.

So, whether you’re dealing with water, wind, or something entirely different, it’s important to be prepared. Through proper drainage, landscaping features, and arrangements, you can have the lawn and landscaping of your dreams – with far less risk involved.

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