Having a pest infestation is every home-owners worst nightmare. There could be permanent damage, a costly removal process, and even possible health risks if the infestation isn’t caught in time. The sooner you act, the easier it is to remove the pests and end the infestation. If you fear you have insects or rodents, keep reading to learn about the signs you need to look for in your home.

Pest Infestation! Spot it in Your Home 


Pest Infestation Termites

If you’re worried you have mice or rats in your home, look for signs of grease or grime on your walls. Rodents tend to stick to the same route when they roam around your home, so the grime from their bodies can rub off on the walls or floors as they pass. This is a subtle sign but can be your first indication that a rodent is in your home.

You may also find rodent droppings, which look black and can be up to half an inch long. Urine can also be spotted with a black light. Another sign of mice in your home is finding bite marks or chewed electrical wires, carpets or chewed holes in the boxes of your food. If you see any of these signs, it’s best to act fast to get rid of mice.


Bedbugs are a notorious pest that is hard to get rid of once they’re there. Many renters and apartment dwellers fear the tiny pest that reproduces quickly, travels fast and can infest your home before you know it.

Bedbugs are often (but not always!) found in the bedroom, particularly on your mattress. Since bed bugs feed on your blood while you sleep, the first sign you have bedbugs is often physical bite marks. The bites may appear in itchy clusters that look similar to hives or mosquito bites.

They will also leave marks on your sheets or mattress. Look for reddish brown spots, which is caused by blood, or black spots, which is the bugs’ excrement. These are likely to appear in corners where the bugs might hide.

Bed bugs reproduce fast, so if you see signs of an infestation it’s important to act quickly. Extreme heat and extreme cold can kill them, so putting your fabrics in a dryer on high settings can help, but it’s best to call in a professional.


Pest Infestation Termites

Termites can cause serious damage to a home and cost homeowners thousands of dollars to repair. Catching them early is vital!

One sign of termites is the sound. You may hear something that sounds like tapping occurring in your walls. You might also see something that looks like fish scales around your home – that’s actually the discarded wings that are shed when termites reproduce. If you find a pile of them, that indicates a swarm, and you need to call an exterminator. Termite droppings are noticeable too, as they are small, wood-colored pellets, also often found in piles.

Another key sign you have termites is the integrity of your floors and walls. Weakened floorboards and peeling paint are signs that termites have burrowed into the wood.


Pest Infestation Cockroaches

One of the most reviled insects is the cockroach. They are often spotted scurrying into a hiding spot once you turn on the light, but there are signs to look for before you even spot a roach itself.

While cockroaches tend to hide in nooks and crannies throughout your home, they often congregate near water. Cupboards under your kitchen or bathroom sink are likely hiding places. If you spot reddish-brown smears in these rooms, that can be a sign or cockroaches. There may also be a musty odor in those rooms. Finding egg sacs or shed skin is another obvious sign that you need to call in an exterminator immediately.

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