Basement humidity is common in many homes and because the basement also affects your entire home, it’s important to keep it free of moisture. Moisture in basements is caused by many things such as seepage through a concrete foundation by capillary suction, vapor diffusion, liquid water flow, air movement, condensation on the cold concrete walls and floors, and leaks.

Additionally, internal moisture sources such as bathrooms, cooking steam, humidifiers, and unvented clothes dryers also contribute to the presence of humidity in basements. Although it is extra work, it is well worth your efforts for the comfort and security of your home to keep your basement humidity free. Here is what you need to know.

Keep Your Beautiful Basement Humidity Free; 7 Reasons Why

Keep Your Beautiful Basement Humidity Free; 7 Reasons Why

Structural Integrity

The first reason to keep a basement humidity-free is that excess moisture damages the structural integrity of your home. The severity of moisture on the structure will depend on the building material used. It also depends on the quantity and duration of the condensation, and the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Humidity causes many unpleasant issues in your home. Some of these issues are the paint fades, wood decays, insulation is lessened, walls cave-in, window frames warp, severe window condensation, sheathes buckle, and sidings warp.

Health Issues

Keep your basement free of humidity to avoid health problems. Atmospheric moisture in the basement causes most of the poor health issues in the home. These health problems are caused by biological air pollutants, viruses, allergens, and bacteria. Humidity is one of the significant factors that lead to the growth and spread of these contaminants.

Biological agents who thrive in high moisture content cause hypersensitivity diseases, infections, and toxicoses. Asthma is at higher levels in houses that have a high content of humidity that causes mold and mildew growth. Keep these health issues at a minimum with a humidity-free basement.

Musty Odors

It is uncomfortable to stay in a basement that smells due to dampness. The smell is similar to the musty odor that is emitted by clothes that have been left wet for a long time. Therefore, we recommend that you always reduce and maintain the levels of humidity in your basement to avoid the musty odor. Moreover, when molds grow, it also emits a smell which adds to the musty smell.

A great solution is the use of a dehumidifier which helps maintain the levels of humidity in the basement; however, before you purchase, be certain to read the reviews on some of the best dehumidifiers.

Increase in Dust Mites

When moisture is at higher levels in your basement, dust will also increase. This is due to the presence of dust mites that feed on moisture. Therefore, the more the moisture in the basement, the more dust makes its way into the basement. Dust mites also have allergens which lead to allergies, and thus it also leads to health problems. So, keep your basement humidity-free and decrease your dust.

Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs prefer a humid environment so a basement that is high in humidity content is highly susceptible to bed bug infestation. Bed bugs do not survive in humidity levels below 40-50%. That makes it very important to maintain the basement at normal humidity levels.

Electronics Damage

Humidity can also damage electronic appliances in the basement. Condensation which contributes to basement humidity is dangerous around electronic appliances.  Moisture corrodes contacts and reduces insulation resistance which leads to short circuits which is also a safety and security concern.

Warped Doorways and Windows

An important part of the structural integrity of your home worth mentioning is the doorways and windows. Excessive moisture causes damage and makes it difficult to open and close doors which is not the only inconvenience, it is also a safety and security hazard. This is one of many excellent reasons to keep moisture out of your basement.


Strive to keep your basement free of moisture with the use of techniques such as a dehumidifier, carpets on the floor, and repair leaks. Also, ensure all rooms in the basement are dry with the use of exhaust fans. Additionally, keep your humidifier off when not in use because it also facilitates moisture problems. Close your basement windows to avoid humid air from entering in an effort to prevent condensation.

It is our hope that you now understand the importance of a moisture-free basement. It is essential to have a basement that is free of humidity for a home that remains structurally sound and livable to ensure many years of safe, hazard-free enjoyment for you, your family, and guests.

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