Gaff tapes are extremely diverse and easy to use. These tapes are used in movies, television, industrial staging, theaters, and for small repairs.

Gaffer or gaff tapes are made of heavy cotton and can be used in many creative ways. Gaff tapes are removable and leave no residue. They have a matte finish that does not reflect light and can be used discreetly. Different brands offer different sizes, finishes, and prices. You can choose from them according to your convenience.

Continue reading to explore ten amazing things you can do with gaff tapes.

Things you can do with gaffing tape

1. Creative Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks can be made with a wide gaffer tape. You will need two small squares of paper of 2 to 3 inches. Cover one square block with gaff tape of your desired color. Take the other square block and cut it into a triangle. Take a long piece of tape equal to the length of the triangle. Place the triangle on it a little above the border in the middle. Cover the base of the triangle with the border of the tape. Fix the triangle on the corner of the previously made square paper.

You can also make simple page bookmarks with gaff tapes. Simply wrap a long piece of paper with colorful tapes on both sides. You can choose different colors and cut them into different shapes. You can also use printed gaff tapes if you find any.

2. Dome Tents with Gaff Tapes

You can make dome tents with the help of gaff tapes, plastic sheets, and a few sticks. You can use anything to use for the sticks. However, bamboo sticks are preferred.

First, you’ll need to form the desired shape of the tent with the sticks. You can create a pentagonal dome by attaching small sticks in triangular forms, or you can make a simple triangular tent with long sticks. Join the joints of the sticks with the gaff tape. The easy removal of the tapes will make it easy for you to fix any mistakes. Cover the stick structure with plastic sheets. Attach the plastic sheets with the structure by taping them together from the inside. As a result you will have a dome tent.

3. Picture Frames

You can make picture frames using gaffers’ tapes. Take two slides of cardboards of equal size. Cut one slide into a frame by cutting off a square from the middle. Make sure the edges are of equal width. Cover the frame with colorful gaff tapes on both sides.

Take the other cardboard square and cover it in wide colorful gaff tapes as well. Next, take the two pieces together and join them only on three sides with tapes along the border. Now, you can slide your picture in through one side that is open. To attach a stand, take a trapezoid-shaped cardboard piece that is small enough to fit behind your frame. Cover it in tapes and attach it vertically behind the frame by tapping on the sides

4. Sturdy Vase

To make a vase using gaff tapes, you will need tapes of different colors, an old glass bottle, or a can. You can cover your bottle or can in strips of colorful gaff tapes or make a patchwork pattern using small squares cut in random sizes.

Cover the bottle or can in the tape. Make sure to cover the edges to reduce the possibility of cuts, and your vase will be ready.

5. Use Gaff Tape While Getting Ready

Gaffer tape is made of clothes and is perfect for wearing under your dress. You can make use of gaffer tape as underwear to tape down your privates like they do in film sets.

The tapes are also a good option to wrap around your feet if you are wearing hard shoes that cut in. The cotton-top makes it comfortable to wear on the skin. It doesn’t leave any residue, so that helps as well.

6. Wall Decorations

You can use colorful gaffer tape with different or the same width to create geometric patterns on your wall. Simply make diagrams or draw out points on the wall that you want to join. Then use tapes on the drawn pattern. Use colors that contrast well to your wall for geometric patterns.

Additionally, you can check the internet for other design ideas. For example, you can carry out some designs by wrapping or clumping colorful tapes. Clumping the tapes vertically to make the stem and roots of a tree; you can then clump red or orange tapes in flower shapes and tape them. As a result, you will can have a tree with colorful flowers on it.

7. Amp Up Old Decorations

Colorful gaffers’ tape can be used to amp-up old decorative items. For example, you can make patterns on old vases, plane picture frames, pencil holders, decorative bowls, etc.

Simply cut pieces of gaff tapes in similar shapes, for example, in strips, curve lines, circles, or squares, and paste them on your desired items.

8. Usage in Technical Industry

Gaff tapes are mainly used in movie sets. You can use them to stick stuff on floors or prevent them from sliding. Make clumps of the tape or invert them and use them to stick props on. Putting gaff tapes on floors can prevent heavy equipment from rolling off. You can use this trick to stop camera slides in specific places.

You can use gaffer tape to mount your camera on a plastic mount that came with the box. The plastic mount can be used on a bunch of different things such as dashboards, tables, shelves, etc.

9. Make Flags

Flags are an important piece of equipment for cinematography. Flags are matte flat surfaces or boxes that reduce the reflection of light or flares from lenses. You can cover a cardboard piece in matte black gaff tape.

Use the cardboard to hang in places that will reduce unwanted reflection of light. You can also cover a box in gaff tape and use it as a shield on your camera lens to cut out a light flare on it.

10. Mark Places on Stage

Gaff tapes are matte and do not reflect light. They are perfect for use on stage to mark places for artists and props to stand. Simply mark the places in square or circle forms.

You can also use gaff tape to tape mics, wires, or body cams on your clothes. The strong adhesive on the tape can stick almost anything on a surface. The cloth covering makes it comfortable for use on the body.

In Conclusion

Gaff tapes are sturdy and versatile tapes used in multiple industries. Because of their proprietary adhesive quality, these tapes are expensive but worth the penny.

Images Courtesy of Unsplash.

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