Looking for criminal defense lawyers in Livermore? Nobody seeks to be a criminal, let alone, go as far as requiring the representation of a lawyer. Nevertheless, unfortunate incidents, such as a DUI charge, may occur, requiring you to hire the services of a criminal lawyer. Though some people are granted permission by the court to represent themselves, the expertise and dexterity of a lawyer is usually found lacking.

6 Factors to Consider When Picking a Criminal Defense Attorney in Livermore

criminal defense lawyers in Livermore

Criminal legal battles can be long and tiresome, draining you of your money and strength. Hiring a good attorney to effectively defend your case is a factor that greatly determines the outcome of the legal battle, be it a fine, jail time or community service. Generally, choosing the right lawyer decreases the chance of accumulating penalties, and they also reduce the accompanying court fees.

Do you find yourself in an unpropitious situation that requires representation by good criminal defense lawyers in Livermore? Then, kindly read this article to find out how to choose the right one.

Role of the Criminal Defense Attorney

Every criminal case requires the presence of a criminal defense attorney to serve as the defendant’s legal guide, confidant and guardian. Usually, defense attorneys are grouped into two: government/court-appointed attorneys and private attorneys. Most common are the private attorneys hired by the defendants themselves for proper representation.

Criminal attorneys are tasked with researching and investigating the facts surrounding their client’s case, while also negotiating deals with the prosecutors and the jury. These deals vary from a reduction in jail sentence and reduced charges to reduced bail.

Other roles of criminal defense lawyers include the examination of witnesses, case analysis, plea formulation, evidence gathering, procedure review, and sentence assessment. Most importantly, the defense attorney works to give the defendant a reality check on the possible outcomes of the case while also serving as a shoulder to lean on throughout the entire process.

Suppose you have interest in hiring DUI attorneys, consider searching for a DUI lawyer offering free consultation. That way, you can find who fits without spending a dime. You might want to also check out this page of a DUI lawyer in Livermore and see if he works for you.

How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

For a favorable outcome in any criminal case, the key is to hire the right professional for the job. Though it can be a tough process that necessitates swift response, it’s necessary to do your homework well before settling on any lawyer you find. There are numerous attributes to consider and evaluate when looking for a criminal defense attorney. They include:

  • Experience

Getting a criminal charge is not child’s play; hence, it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney who understands the crime you have been charged with, and the possible outcomes. While there may be abundant lawyers in the country, all of whom seem qualified and ready to work, a good number of them may lack the experience required to handle your case.

Charged with a DUI, find a reputable attorney who can provide you with legal advice for your DUI. Recent times have seen lawyers specializing in different areas of criminal law and defense ranging from domestic violence to drug handling. Specialization allows the experts to amass a great amount of experience in their area of choice. 

A wise thing to do will be to seek the services of a lawyer who specializes in your case type.

  • Location

It’s best to hire local attorneys who reside in your area as they understand the local regulations and are best equipped to respond effectively to them. Hiring a local lawyer also fosters day-to-day communication – an activity which would be hard to keep up if your lawyer were in another state or province.

With your lawyer nearby, gaining more insight on the court process becomes easy as they usually educate their clients on what to expect, what to do and how to behave during court proceedings.

  • Success Rate

Alongside great experience in handling cases similar to yours, the lawyer you choose to hire should have a high success rate in fighting such cases. Basically, the main point of hiring a criminal defense attorney is to get the best possible outcome in the trial process. 

Thus, employing the services of a criminal lawyer who has no record of success in defending cases like yours will not only be futile, but may be compared to shooting one’s leg. If you have a DUI charge, then it’s best to find a DUI attorney in Livermore, CA. In case you can’t find anyone yourself, you can seek for recommendations.

  • Personality

Criminal defense lawyers in Livermore who understand the complexities of the legal process and its effects on their clients offer emotional and mental support to the defendants. The nature of their work requires emotional and mental intelligence, prompting them to be unafraid to face the prosecution counsel. 

Given that any failure on the part of your lawyer may send you behind bars, it’d be best to employ one who is ready to fight for your freedom. Ensure that your attorney is confident and strong-willed. Beware of lawyers who guarantee specific outcomes; instead, hire a lawyer who explains the process to you and works to improve your chances.

  • Connections

You need to hire a well-connected lawyer who has established contacts in the locality. Usually, such attorneys have a superior understanding of the local legal procedures, alongside lots of experience working with the judges and prosecutors. Basically, they know their way in and out of the courtroom.

Their connections give them an edge against the prosecutors as they’re able to devise a winning strategy. This is because they are arm themselves with their knowledge of court dealings.

  • Certification

Everyone knows that board-certified attorneys are probably the best you’d find around the country. Their wealth of experience and knowledge of legal proceedings gives them an edge above regular lawyers in Livermore. Steering them towards building a strong defense strategy.

Other attributes and factors to consider include fees, accessibility, oratory etcetera.

Tips for Choosing a Good Criminal Attorney

There are many good criminal lawyers out there, but it can be hard to choose from the pool. Here are a few tips to narrow down your choice:

  1. Conduct interviews
  2. Evaluate their past work
  3. Review the feedback from their previous clients
  4. Ask questions
  5. Check their willingness to work
  6. Check the pricing


Hiring a good criminal lawyer is crucial to striking a favorable deal in your case. If you are determined to get more than just a great deal, you need the best of the best. However, finding such a lawyer is hard but not impossible.

Contact any of the dependable criminal defense lawyers in Livermore.







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