Most will agree that moving to the next state or across the country is a stressful experience. However, without proper planning, a move across town is just as full of frustration. The key to avoiding excessive frustration is in the pre-planning and organization for a smooth relocation experience.

5 Tips to Help You Organize a Local Move

Hire a Professional Mover

Hire professionals for moving

You may think that moving local means you won’t need the assistance of a moving company. If you assume that you and a few friends or family members can move your possessions might turn out to be one of the most stressful parts of your move. On the other hand, only professional movers have the proper equipment to move large, heavy and awkward items without damage.

Additionally, when you schedule the time and place for a moving company to assist you, they will be there. Conversely, most of us have experienced friends or family members who forget about your moving day or suddenly find something else to do. That’s a real problem if you have a deadline to move out and you find yourself in a scramble to find helpers at the last minute.

Decide What to Take

Moving only what you need

When you move locally you still need to sort through your possessions to decide what to take to your new place. This becomes a point of procrastination for most people because it’s easy to think you can wait to sort through your clothes, furniture, and accessories after the move.

However, there’s absolutely no point in moving what you don’t need. Donate it, recycle it or toss it. Plan ahead to take only the furniture needed in your new place. Your goal should be to move only what’s necessary for your new home to avoid clutter as you move in.

Donate it, recycle it or toss it. Plan ahead to take only the furniture needed in your new place. Your goal should be to move only what’s necessary for your new home to avoid clutter as you move in.

Exercise Restraint

It’s very exciting when you know that you’re going to move to a new home. So, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of new furniture or other items to decorate your new home. However, if you buy lamps, rugs, new bedding, and other décor items before you move, then they will have to be packed. Instead, go ahead and browse around but refrain from buying new items until after moving day.

Moving Pets

Moving Pets

One of the best ways to make the move less stressful for your pets is to leave them at a boarding facility for a night or two. That eliminates the chance of them escaping the house or yard on moving day.

If you prefer not to board them, keep your cat or dog in a crate during the move. However, if they aren’t used to being in a crate, buy ahead of time and get them used to it before you move. Put a nice bed in it for them and by moving day, they feel relaxed when they’re in the crate.

Pack Properly

Sometimes when people move locally, they think they can just toss things in the car or truck and take them to the new place. However, to make the entire moving experience less stressful, pack items as if you were making a long-distance move. Also, pack and label boxes by the room they go in at your new home.

In addition, it’s always good to pack an arrival box. Ensure that his box contains items you need right away when you get to your new house. If you have young children, a few toys and some snacks should be in the arrival box. The box should also contain paper towels, wipes, medications and other items you might need soon after you arrive at your new home.

Moving locally also offers the same opportunity for a new beginning as a long-distance move. So, plan ahead and stay organized to make moving day a more pleasant experience. When your moving day goes smoothly, you have a head start on the enjoyment and satisfaction of being in a new home.

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