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Small and Efficient Home Office Space

You don’t need a ton of room for your office space to be efficient. With many people beginning to work from home. the home office is becoming more and more of a necessity. Check out how these homeowners transformed small, unused spaces into their home office.

Home Office Under the Stairs

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The only person you will find under the stairs is yourself sitting in a productive work space.  What a creative way to add function to an already existing space!

Home Office in the Closet

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Clearing out a closet is a great way to add a home office that can be easily hidden behind closed doors.  By adding shelving above your desk and filing systems below there is plenty of room for storage.  We love how even the insides of the doors were utilized in this design!

Office Nook

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You don’t need an entire room for a home office to function.  Utilize the end of a hallway for just the right amount of room to work comfortably.

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There are a number of places you can carve out space for a home office.  Check nooks and cranny’s in your kitchen, closets in your family room, or even empty wall space.  Get creative with your small spaces – these efficient spaces make the most out of the room available!

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