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Best Ideas for College Dorm Room Decorating

When heading off to live on their own for the first time, it’s so important that a college student’s dorm room is designed to be functional, comfortable and, of course…super cool. That’s why we’re searching for the best ideas for decorating dorm rooms and giving them to you here on DigThisDesign!

Dorm Room Design Contest

Want the best dorm room on your floor… in your building, or your whole campus even? Enter our contest and you could win a complete dorm room design from Patricia Davis Brown!

dorm room design contest

Dorm Room Design Ideas

Need ideas for your dorm room design? We’ve got ’em!

Dorm Room Designs that WORK

Check out this collection of great-looking dorm rooms that are not only decorated with style, but are built to work well for college students.

From storage, to desks and ways to arrange your bunk beds to maximize space, you’ll find great ideas for dorm rooms by looking at these examples.



Dorm Room Design for the Daring

Want to make a statement on campus? These choices for dorm room storage and seating  and even dorm room bedding will let your school know you have arrived… in style!

See how we put together this room grouping, and find out where to get these pieces for a daring design!


Dorm Room Furniture – Storage Meets Style

The right furniture can make all the difference in your dorm room design.

We found 4 pieces that are not only stylish, but will help you maximize storage space in your small dorm room.



Girly Dorm Room Design for Back to School

Want a fun and flirty space that allows you to be just as girly as you want to be… without looking childish?

Take a look at this collection for dorm room bedding, rugs, seating and dorm room storage items that scream “girl”… but in a sophisticated, college-ready way!



5 Dorm Room Transformation Ideas

Here are 5 ideas for keeping your dorm room organized, functional and looking great.

Plus – we included a fun story from a college student who turned his studying rituals into a business… right from his dorm room!



Dorm Room Design Ideas in Video

We found some great videos that not only offer some creative dorm room design ideas, but also give you how-to instructions on getting the looks. View the complete collection of Dorm Room Design Idea Videos.

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