In our busy lives, we are constantly trying to find things to complete us and to make us feel whole. One indication of this is how personality shines in our space. The good news is, you can accomplish this through so many different features.

First, perhaps it is with a photo wall of our friends and family to show our love for others. Or, maybe it’s a room filled with plants to show the world we love to care for things. For something extra special, it might be sliding barn doors in your home. 

This article shows you qualities you can see in a person, all from the design and color schemes they choose to have in their homes. How interesting! If this piques your interest, please continue reading to learn how personality shines in our space.

Personality Shines in Our Space with These Tips & Tactics

Leading the Way With the Use of Color and Decor

Personality Shines in Our Space

If you want to make your home look like you are a good leader. There are ways to show your integrity, independence, and empathy through your decor color scheme. This may be through using calming colors in order to have an inviting vibe into your space. Or, this might be through the use of cool colors in your home.

Flower Arrangements for Integrity

Flowers in glass vases of blue, pink and green

A good choice in decor is flower arrangements. Many quality stores offer a variety of artificial floral arrangements that create an inviting and empathetic feel to your home office or any room. 

If artificial arrangements are not your thing, then buying live plants makes your space build more integrity. More inspiration for flower arrangements can be found on different floral sites.

Items that Portray Your Personality

Personality Shines in Our Space

Want to show people that you are kind and compassionate? Pink is the color for kindness and compassion. So, adding a rose gold accent mirror brings the room together to show that personality in a home.

Maybe you are a super outgoing person. If so, add something to your home that shows off this side of you by adding a statement piece to your living room. Some options may be a photo wall, a funky chair, an amazing couch, or really anything that speaks to your mind!

Deciding What to Use in Your Decor

A room can have compassion and kind colors, a funky couch to show the contrast and plants to show the empathetic personality. Some other room ideas can simply be things that remind you of yourself.

Maybe you have a love for dogs. If so, there are some great artists that have paintings of all sorts of animals. Some of these may even be able to be custom-made. But, I think the best things to have in your home are those that are important to you since they show your guests the things you most value in your life.

Going With the Rustic Vibe

Going with the rustic vibe

More of a fan of keeping your home to the rustic vibe? That is perfect because it will be able to show a very welcoming and cozy personality. The above photo has great inspiration for furniture and minimal design pieces that can look amazing in a log cabin getaway.

Supporting Small Businesses

There are also so many places to purchases handmade vases. I was able to find some links at Etsy which is a great source to also support small business shops. This is perfect because homemade art is always better than store-bought purchases. I think that shopping through small business is also able to tell a story to other people since it is something that was created by something someone truly cares about.

Here’s to Letting Your Personality Shine Throughout Your Home

I feel as though decorating homes is a process because it tells you something about the person through the details that they present in their home. This may be through a family photo wall, flower arrangements, furniture, and so many other things. 

This article may have been all over the place, but it’s a source of inspiration to find your own niche within your home. My house is covered in plants, something that I believe that I will always have since I like to think it shows my green thumb and my empathy towards other things. 

I hope that this entry helps you to start looking to your home inspiration or maybe it sparked an idea for the last missing puzzle piece. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. Also below are links to take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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