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Use a Container Garden to Brighten Small Spaces

As you can see, container gardening is a popular way to bring a splash of color to small spaces. There is a lot of talk in the media about different types of container gardens and how to create one unique to you.

City living doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy beautiful flowers, tasty herbs, or fresh vegetables.  In fact, with these unique and functional container gardens you can partake in all of the above and more!

Container Garden: Better Home and Gardens

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This full and flowing container garden is perfect for any ledge or window pane. These plants are not flowering, but still have a rich, beautiful hues that contrast perfectly with each other. These coleus plants grow best in partial shade.

Container Garden: Real Simple

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Galvanized metal tubs and and buckets are great containers for planting a container garden. Just make sure to drill some holes in the bottom for proper drainage.

Many plants, like tomato, require a large amount of soil to develop a proper root system. To learn more about what plants work best in containers, try to stick to plants that contain words like bush, baby, dwarf, tiny, midget, and patio in the plant names and descriptions.

Container Garden: HGTV

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Choosing a container is easy! Anything that holds soil and contains holes for drainage will do. Add ornamental grasses into your pots to give your container garden height and texture.

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