We’re fast approaching the middle February, which means spring is racing towards us faster than a loose firework. As such, it is time you pulled out your gardening gloves, dusted off your overalls, and began working in your garden so that it is in tip-top condition for when the first day of summer finally dawns on us. Judging by the direction of some of the world’s biggest flower shows, this year is all about being brave. For example, the bolder the better seemed to be the mantra at the Chelsea Flower Show. While lots of what was on display can’t quite be imitated in most people’s gardens, many trends can be scaled down to suit your desires. So without further ado, here is our list of ways to make your garden stand out from the crowd.

How to Create a Garden That Stands Out

How to Create a Garden That Stands Out

Repurposed Shipping Container

It is usually a bog standard thing with cobwebs in the corners, a concaving roof, and missing walls. Why not get rid of your eye-sore and use something totally innovative instead. Why not buy an old shipping container and have local artists come and paint an amazing mural on it? Something that stands out like big bees, and plant a vegetable garden on the roof. Most containers are so big and spacious that you could have your tool shed at one end, and a garden room at the other. All you have to do is replace the old metal doors with a lovely slab of glass. Then you’ll also have a gorgeous place to sit outside and enjoy nature.

The Centerpiece

No doubt your garden is wonderful, but it probably lacks a focal point. It is probably a strip of well-maintained grass lined with flowerbeds on either side and an old garden bench at the end, which allows you to sit back and look at your house. This is amazing, wonderful, and quaint, but why not add a little something to shake it up a bit? Maybe take the advice of the innovators at https://atthetee.com/top-10-golf-statues/ and have a salute of your favorite golf player. What about a nice water feature with a waterfall and an array of fish? The choice is completely yours, but have a focal point from which you can grow your garden around.

The Features

When redesigning your garden, it’s nice to have a little something extra, a little focal point that perhaps isn’t in the middle of the garden but tucked away in a forgotten corner. It doesn’t have to be much, it could just be a patio base or new decking. This will create a canvas for something to stand out, like a bench. Get some incredible rattan furniture to put around a refurbished table made out of an old pallet and a big gorgeous firepit constructed from an oil drum or a shiny new barbecue grill. Make it the ultimate space for your friends to gawk at.

If you take these suggestions into consideration and apply them to your garden, you will be amazed at the difference it creates!

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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