Inspire Your Garden With A Trellis

Set your garden apart from the rest of your yard by setting it up with a trellis. Styles and inspirations for these outdoor structures are endless.

Here are some ideas for using wood, traditional designs, and coloring far outside the lines with completely unconventional ideas.

Inspire Your Garden With A Trellis

Translate Your Trellis With Tradition

When choosing a trellis for your garden taking a traditional route will never be out of style. If your design is aesthetic and classic, here are pictures that may inspire your own personal taste.

A traditional style trellis has the basic design you think of when someone mentions a trellis. It functions wonderfully in setting the garden apart from the rest of the yard, but it is also visually attractive. The fenced squares allow room for plants and flowers to grow, and integrate the garden as part of the trellis.

This trellis is simple and iron and is a great inspiration for a garden with vines or long flowers that can grow up it.  The intent is less about being attractive on it’s own, but more a support for the garden surrounding it.

Use Wood As Inspiration For Your Trellis

Wood is a great material to use in your trellis design. It’s easy to manage and the feel brings you closer to nature.

A trellis is inspired from a rather traditional shape and design, but it is also a great example of trellis you could make on your own very easily. The structure is simple and even a novice at building and working with wood could manage easily and the final product looks fantastic.

Put a wooden trellis in your garden for a cleaner, more ostentatious appeal.  It’s open and unlike the other wooden image featured would not necessarily be a design that a novice could make on their own.

Make Your Garden Trellis Unconventional

There is nothing wrong with classical design or tradition but if you have dreams and desires of going off the beaten path, why not go absolutely wild and unpredictable.

The design featured below was inspired by none other than a bicycle, and while it sounds ludicrous, the trellis actually makes sense. The design is truly unconventional and one of a kind and yet it still functions as a trellis.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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    Hello, Do you have plans available for this industrial wood and steel trellis? I love it and have a panel for the steel part. Thank you!


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