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Hot tubs are great for every season, every weather, indoor, and outdoor, and mostly importantly is an incredible way to relax our minds and muscles.  The diversity of them also gives way to allowing different themes, styles, and designs.

Here are the some modernly designed, outdoor, and wooden themed hot tubs!

Modern Hot Tubs

These modernly designed hot tubs have very different personalities, can be indoor or outdoor, but also involve different ends of what is new and innovative and popular in design today.

The lighting, the use of technology, and the simplicity of minimalist design are all signs that point to forward fast design aesthetics and make this hot tub not only attractive, but full of functionality as well.


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This beautiful outdoor, lavish, and elegant hot tub has some classic qualities with a modern twist.  The shape and design of the tub itself is completely different though the old brick and column style cover is classically beautiful.


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Outdoor Hot Tubs

The great thing about outdoor hot tubs is having the ability to be very creative with your design and you aren’t limited to warm weather climates either.  The examples below give a few inspirations that are really using imaginations to the fullest extent.

This beautiful outdoor hot tub is featured in a winter climate, full of snow and cold weather, and has been assimilated into the stone environment it is surrounded by.  Rather than a hot tub, it looks more like a hot spring.


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This steamboat hot tub is largely creative and innovative, where it is completely functional but also completely amusing and interesting because there is nothing like it.  Sit in your favorite lake, but keep warm and clean at the same time!


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Wooden Hot Tubs

There is something beautiful about the simplicity of a wooden hot tub and also much more tangible for someone to make and create their own rather than purchasing a new already created one.

This rectangular and minimalist styled wooden hot tub would be an excellent addition in either a more traditional and rustic styled abode, or in a more modern styled as well.


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This gorgeous wooden hot tub gives the illusion with lighting and the shape and wood of being a fireplace itself.  It’s a great example in creativity, but would fit nicely in any style designed back yard.


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