For anyone interested in creating commercial greenhouses, a high-quality greenhouse is an essential foundation for your operations. Greenhouse design and construction services are usually necessary for assembling this space and ensuring its durability. The designer or owner will need to consider everything from rolling benches to flooring and overhead lighting to create this space. Ready to begin building a commercial greenhouse for your growing business?

8 Essential Features of Commercial Greenhouses

commercial greenhouses

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the essential features you’ll need for ensuring the health of your plants and the profitability of your enterprise. 

Creating a Commercial Greenhouse

Commercial greenhouses feature a range of growing technologies and infrastructure that makes managing plant health, temperature, and humidity significantly easier for the grower. A professional installer can help make all of these arrangements possible with efficient project management and construction oversight. The design for the space should account for the humidity of your location, the sunshine you’ll get each year, and the outdoor temperature to ensure that the environment within remains optimal for your plants throughout the year. Here are a few of the essential components of this growing space.

Rolling Benches

Rolling grow benches are an essential feature of the commercial greenhouse, as they directly assist in maximizing the value of the greenhouse’s square footage. You can fit significantly more plants in one space with rolling benches because there doesn’t need to be a fixed aisle between every bench. Quality rolling benches have frames that are usually made of steel, rather high-resilience plastic. In addition, rollers below the bench shouldn’t be able to come into contact, or the main tray will be unable to support the weight of the plant properly. 

The right rolling benches for your greenhouse will directly integrate with irrigation and drainage systems, ensuring that the process for looking after each plant is straightforward. If you’re working with trellises, there should also be slots for adding these without a hassle. Rolling benches also make it easy to keep your plants directly below your lighting grid, which means your greenhouses will be significantly more efficient. 

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy-coated flooring is a safe, resilient material that makes it significantly easier to clean commercial greenhouses. This material keeps your floors free from the effects of harsh chemicals and plant fertilizers. Epoxy flooring also ensures that your space is ready to handle the humidity and watering process. Moving your rolling benches within this space is easy because the coating creates a seamless surface. Epoxy is also UV resistant, which means it won’t warp under the considerable sunshine shine that your greenhouse will receive in the warmer months of the year.

Humidity Control Systems

Humidity control and measurement systems help to keep your plants healthy and your indoor environments resistant to dryer climates. While humidity control systems are necessary for most commercial greenhouses, they are particularly essential for states like Colorado, New Mexico, and California, where the humidity levels are naturally low. For cannabis plants, the humidity levels within your space should be around 40 to 50%. However, these levels should shift in accordance with the current stage of the harvesting cycle your plants are on.  

Insulated Panels

Insulated metal wall panels for grow rooms play an important role in managing the temperature and humidity within your greenhouse. The insulation improves the effectiveness of your heating and cooling, while the steel or other surfaces ensures bacteria build-up is minimal. The right metal wall panels for your greenhouse or grow room is a solid choice for setting up the entire foundation of the space.

Grow Lights

For commercial greenhouses, most growers install lightning in an overhead grid pattern. As a result, even distribution within the space no matter how many plants you’re working with. When you’re selecting lights for your greenhouse, you’ll need to consider a few factors that come with each product. First, review the energy efficiency of the product. If it’s an LED grow light, it will be significantly more efficient than an incandescent alternative

Next, think about the heat generated by the light. LEDs are also a good option when considering this factor in that they produce significantly less heat than the alternative. No matter what products you choose for lighting in your grow room or greenhouse, it’s essential that you choose quality over price. The less routine maintenance, the more time you’ll have on hand for ensuring the success of other aspects of your growing business. Depending on where your plants are in the growth process, they may need up to 18 hours of light.

Temperature Control Systems

Greenhouse temperature controls work alongside your humidity control systems to maintain optimal growing conditions around the clock. These two controls are bundled together into a single system in many cases. While most of your concern with this system is related to keeping your space warm, it’s also possible for your plants to overheat. Make sure the system you’re selecting continually monitors the temperature of the space. As a result, you don’t have to worry the commercial greenhouses.

Fans and Ventilation

Keeping the air flowing within your greenhouse is essential for maintaining optimal plant health. Vents are the primary engine for ensuring quality airflow is a ventilation and air system. Vents throughout the space that push oxygen out in favor of a CO2-rich alternative. High-power fans are also an essential part of preventing the air in the room from becoming stale. 

Professional Greenhouse Design

To create a growing environment that makes managing your crops easy, speak with a professional greenhouse design and installation company. The experience and dedication of professionals will make a difference in creating a space that increases yield and profits. 


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