If you have an ugly lawn after a long winter, it might be absolutely embarrassing. Of course, that makes it tempting to just tear up all the grass and start over. But, before you throw your hands up and replace the ugly lawn, try these quick tricks to make the grass grow healthier.

Some might take a little longer than others, but the payoff is a thick carpet of admirable grass. So, if your yard needs an uplift be sure to continue reading to learn how to make your ugly lawn look magnificent in no time.

How to Make Your Ugly Lawn Look Magnificent in No Time  

1. Hire a Lawn Service  

7 Quick Fixes for an Ugly Lawn

If your own efforts to improve your lawn aren’t going anywhere, let the professionals do it instead. Professional lawn service companies have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to keep lawns looking healthy and beautiful.

They also identify issues that you may not have considered, such as problems with your soil or pests hidden under the surface, and apply effective treatments that will support healthier grass. Pros will also make sure that the grass is cut correctly and that you have the guidance you need to care for the grass correctly between visits.  

2. Install Stepping Stones 

7 Quick Fixes for an Ugly Lawn

If your family has worn paths in the grass, or you have bare patches in areas where people walk around the yard, stepping stones are an attractive solution. Creating a path with decorative stones disguises patches of dirt while adding some decorative interest to your yard.  

3. Invest in a String Trimmer 

Even if your grass is kept short and neatly mowed, if the edges along pathways, fences, and walls, or around trees and light posts aren’t trimmed as well, your entire yard can look messy. Invest in a string trimmer to make quick work of the edges after you mow, keeping the yard neat and tidy.

Another tool to consider adding to your arsenal is a stand-up weeder. These long-handled tools make it simple to remove invasive weeds like dandelions and thistle from the lawn by the roots, preventing them from spreading.  

4. Keep Pets Off the Lawn  

Allowing Fido to do his business anywhere on the lawn causes a host of issues, including dead grass. Many animals prefer to urinate around the same areas, but when they do, the grass will die and leave brown or bare patches.

Instead, train your pets to use a specific area of the yard that’s out of the way and consider investing in a patch of faux grass for them to use. Fake grass can be easily cleaned up with a hose, and you won’t need to worry about any “surprises” lurking in the grass.  

5. Reseed Bare Patches  

7 Quick Fixes for an Ugly Lawn

Overseeing your yard can make a big difference to the thickness and overall health of the grass. It can also fill in the bare patches. In fact, thick grass is one of the best defenses against weeds, as there isn’t any room for weeds to take hold.

Take care to choose the correct type of grass for your yard, and follow all planting instructions. In most areas, planting new grass in the fall is preferable, as the grass will have time to become established before the heat of summer, ensuring it fills in properly.  

6. Install Hardscaping 

If your lawn is beyond help, or there are areas where nothing you seem to do works due to excess shade, drainage issues, or traffic, consider replacing the lawn hardscape features instead. Patios, retaining walls, gravel paths, and other features also add interest and function to your yard while eliminating the hassle of grass.  

7. Water and Mow Properly 

7 Quick Fixes for an Ugly Lawn

Giving your grass the right hydration goes a long way toward making it look great. Of course, you run the sprinklers longer and less often. Ideally, grass needs about an inch of water every week from rain and irrigation. You can check the moisture levels using a soil gauge. Giving the grass a quick shower with the hose each day isn’t going to do much, though. Instead, run the sprinklers for about an hour, early in the morning, 2-3 times a week. 

Mowing properly also makes a big difference. However, cutting the grass too short causes it to burn. It also reduces the shade on the soil, giving weed seeds a chance to germinate and take over. Instead, only cut the grass down by about one third, and make sure your mower blades are sharp. Vary the mowing pattern every time you move as well. When you always cut in the same pattern, it can affect how the blades of grass grow and contribute to thin or bare patches.  

In Conclusion

Like any plant, grass requires proper care to grow healthy and strong. If there are times when it struggles, though, trying these tips can get your yard looking great again in no time.  

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