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Spicing Up A Farmhouse Kitchen

Finding the right color combination for a design of any magnitude is essential for bringing together a look that invokes emotion and is pleasing to the eye. James Swan, from James Swan Interior Design, provides us with his story of design inspiration when choosing the color for this rich and delicious farmhouse kitchen that would satiate any appetite.

Spicing Up A Farmhouse Kitchen

While working with a young couple on the remodel of their 1765 farmhouse kitchen the question of color for the walls was being discussed. Numerous sample boards were scattered about the condo that was home to their small family during construction and the husband, wife and I were gathered around the kitchen island late one afternoon exploring options. At one point, the husband (the cook in the house) dropped a small spice container on the white marble counter. The contents went everywhere and three adults (wine glasses in hand) stood still; frozen by the same thought. The paprika which now covered much of the counter was exactly the shade we’d been struggling to find. Seeing it triggered a unanimous response and we toasted our design luck. Eventually the walls, cabinets and ceiling was painted this rich dramatic color. It was a perfect foil for the black and white floor, antique sideboard and the client’s growing vintage copper collection. Talk about spicing up your life!

James Swan, Principle, James Swan Interior Design

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