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As Patricia says, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

So, we’re going to talk kitchen planning over the next few weeks. Whether you’re gutting your kitchen and starting new, or just want to make a few changes for style and functionality, you’re sure to find a few gems in this series!

Kitchen Planning – Planning for Storage

If you like to have fresh foods on hand for home-cooked meals, you’ll love this storage drawer. It’s vented and just the right depth to prevent bruising. A few custom cabinetry options like this in your kitchen can make a huge difference in how well your kitchen works for you:



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This example is the ultimate in kitchen planning for food storage… everything from frozen foods to fresh veggies are stored within arms reach of one another. With pull-out shelves and storage on the doors, it’s easy to see what yo have and what you might need:



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You can create this look and amazing function with custom cabinetry, or with the help of a freestanding cabinet or two next to your refrigerator. This cabinet has both doors and drawers for convenient storage, and a classic look like the example above:

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We take kitchen planning seriously – check out this example from one of Patricia’s recent kitchen remodeling projects. Every inch of this wall is used for storage – but since she made many areas multi-functioning, it doesn’t appear to be one big closet.

The bench seating has storage drawers underneath, the top cabinet doors are glass to showcase the homeowner’s collections and you’ll even see little drawers right at the counter level for candles, serving spoons, placemats and other items that end up lost in large cabinets and drawers.



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Kitchen Planning – How To

Patricia wants to help you with your kitchen planning. She’s got over an hour of tips, planning strategies and how-to steps for remodeling your kitchen (at a price you just can’t beat!). Click here to learn more about this Kitchen Planning video!

kitchen planning how to

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