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Functional and Fabulous Kitchen Items

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The trick to remodeling your kitchen is finding the appropriate balance between function and fabulous! The most beautiful kitchen can turn into your worst nightmare if you are unable to navigate through it with ease. The kitchen is unarguably THE MOST important room of your home. Most often, it is the center of all activity. So, when it’s time to do a little remodeling we want to get it right!

Learn what our experts have listed as their favorite functional, yet fabulous, kitchen items they can’t live without.

Wall Mounted Pot Filler

Our expert contributor, Alexia Bregman reveals one of her favorite kitchen items and suggests we consider putting in a wall mounted pot filler at your stove. It’s relatively inexpensive to do and besides being really handy, it’s a great feature that not many kitchens have!

Principal Designer, Amanda Zettel of Homemade Design also agrees that  is one of her favorite kitchen items and says “every gorgeously functional kitchen must have a wall mounted pot filler with dual swing joints. Makes cooking so easy”!

Back Splash

Another favorite among the must have kitchen items is a  back splash.  It is cheaper than replacing cabinets and it adds a nice touch.


Zele Avradopoulos, owner of ZOrganize, reminds us that there is no such thing as too much storage. Consider storage as one of your kitchen items in the planning: Do I have enough storage? Do I prefer cabinets with shelves or pull-out shelves? Do I want a lazy Susan? Do I want cabinets with glass front or not?

Do you have the proper balance of function and fabulous in your kitchen?  If not, take a shot at entering our Ugliest Kitchen Contest for your chance to win a professional kitchen plan from Patricia Davis Brown and learn your kitchen’s potential!

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