If we investigate all of the buzzwords that have come and gone in the health and fitness industry over the years, we’re pretty sure that “meal prep” would be one of the most popular.

The health benefits of this philosophy are endless. But, to begin with, the effects of good meal prep is shown to not only improve your food but also your overall health.

However, it’s easy to fall into some common traps. To help you, here are four of the main meal prep mistakes that you want to avoid.

Meal Prep Mistakes to Avoid

Where is Your Freezer?

We’re not sure why so many people fall into this trap, but a freezer is your secret weapon when it comes to meal prep. It’s something that allows you to cook in larger quantities than normal, and ultimately prep for longer periods in advance.

Freezer Meal Prep

Only using the smaller freezer in your refrigerator is not sufficient for most households. So, it’s necessary for your freezer to be in perfect working order. When you need freezer repair, contact the official Zanussi repair partner Service Force to try and resolve this so that you can get on with your meal prep.

Do You Overlook Healthy Snack Prep?

Meal Prep Healthy Snacks

The number of snacks you consume in a day will depend on your dietary requirements, but when it comes to preparing your weeks’ worth of food, don’t forget to include healthy snacks. Otherwise, your family runs the risk of turning to the wrong foods in between meals and this will wreak havoc with your plans.

Keep it Simple for the Best Results

Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated and in actual fact, it’s meant to make your life easier. Many people dive in head-first without planning which only leads to chaos in the kitchen.

Meal Prep Simplicity

So, to keep it manageable, plan your menus a week in advance and work that into your budget and grocery shopping time. Also, keep your menus simple during the week and save the more elaborate meals for the weekends.

Do You Eye-ball Instead of Measuring?

It is wise for several reasons to consider weight and measurements when performing your meal prep.

Meal Prep Shopping
  • First, you can prepare all the food in the world in advance but if it doesn’t taste right, your efforts are wasted. So, unless it’s your mother’s recipe that you’ve cooked a hundred times, be sure to measure and weigh for meal prep.
  • Next, when shopping, weight matters because you need to compare the costs of different food items and the best way to do this is by calculating the weight ratios.
  • Then finally, it also matters when cooking just the right amount of food for your family without having a lot left over.

Conclusion: Meal-prep Saves Time & Money

Planning your budget, shopping, and preparing food in advance is a great way to save time and money for the fast-paced life of modern families. Let us know in the comments how you do meal prep for your family. In addition, we’ve included some other links below to further your enjoyment of all things design.

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