Many people refer to their kitchen as the heart of the home. It’s easy to understand why because the average person spends a fair amount of time preparing and cooking meals. So, the kitchen needs to be practical and usable. But at the same time, if you spend a lot of time in this room, why shouldn’t it look nice too? Perhaps it’s time to renovate your kitchen!

While your kitchen might not have been top of your list when it comes to home renovations, it should definitely be a room that you consider sprucing up. Here are a few different areas you might want to focus on when you get around to giving this space a new lease on life!

Renovate Your Kitchen • 4 Design Tips

Renovate Your Kitchen


An area of kitchen design that is often neglected, but can make a profound difference to the overall look and feel of your kitchen is your countertops. They form the workspace of your kitchen, making it a highly practical aspect of the room’s design.

However, even though you use your countertops daily, they aren’t a solely practical feature. Rather counters are also a notable aesthetic feature. So, it’s important that you give a fair amount of attention to your counter design and materials. Below, you will find a list of suggestions of features to look for when you shop for new countertops to renovate your kitchen.

Renovate Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

   •   Granite

Granite countertops are a kitchen classic. But it’s also a great investment piece. When you buy the right granite work surface, you’re purchasing a worktop that you’re not going to need to replace any time soon. In fact, granite countertops can often last a lifetime.

   •   Quartz

Quartz is a high-end choice when it comes to kitchen countertop design. It’s been on trend for years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast – and for good reason. Why? It’s classy, sophisticated, and it’s timeless.

This countertop option is a higher-end alternative to granite, so it’s going to be more expensive. But it also varies in another way. While both are natural materials, granite is a porous rock, which means liquids like water, wine, or oils will seep into it if it isn’t sealed properly. Conversely, quartz is nonporous, so it is naturally easier to wipe down and clean.

   •   Non-Organic Materials

If you enjoy veining and patterns in your kitchen countertop design, you don’t have to select a natural material. Organic materials with this appearance naturally tend to be more expensive. However, new technology also adds the stunning visual effect of veins and patterns but with a lower price tag to non-organic options.


Add Shelves to Your Kitchen Renovation

We install shelves in many areas of our homes. But many people don’t think to install them in the kitchen. Remember, shelves aren’t just for books and photo frames. Instead, they also highly practical for kitchens where sufficient storage space is often at a premium.

At the end of the day, even though you have a large kitchen, the work surfaces might still be limiting. Therefore, it’s best to leave the work surfaces for chopping vegetables and serving the meals because you don’t want to hamper your excellent efforts. Instead, install a few shelves and you’ll have space for the things you need to keep out of the way!

Hanging Racks

Add Hanging Pots and Pans to Your Kitchen Renovation

Hanging racks are a great alternative to shelves for items that don’t easily sit on a shelf. These type of shelves are great for hanging utensils and also pots and pans. These are items for which you want easy access when you’re cooking. They are also aesthetically pleasing too!

Green Houseplants

Adding houseplants is another important aspect of your kitchen design to consider. Healthy house plants look nice and add a touch of color to a space that can often seem a little bland. However, they also make the atmosphere of your kitchen better. That’s because houseplants offer a natural life support system as they continually cleanse the air of toxins and pollutants.

Renovate Your Kitchen with Green Plants

However, ensure that the plants are nonflowering and nontoxic (you don’t want pollen or flowers around food preparation). Popular choices for kitchen plants include Madagascar Jasmine, Winter Jasmine, African Spear, Goldfish Plant, Calamondin Orange, Purple Rubber Tree Plant, and Heartleaf Philodendron.

If you think it’s time to renovate your kitchen, these tips are a great place to start drawing up your plans for a beautifully efficient kitchen. We recommend that you continue to do your research into the perfect renovations for your kitchen for years of enjoyment in the heart of your home for you, your family, and guests.

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