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Kitchen Design Tips - choosing the right countertop.

We spend so much time preparing food in our kitchen. Therefore, it’s important that the kitchen is practical and easy to work in, while still being stylish. If the kitchen isn’t a well-designed workspace, food preparation and cooking becomes difficult. Not only that, but it could quickly become a very unsafe area for food. It’s important that you always cook and prepare food with great care. This ensures that bacteria doesn’t spread and cause food poisoning or other debilitating illnesses. Here are some great kitchen design tips that will help your kitchen look stylish while creating a safe workspace environment.

3 Kitchen Design Tips

1. Get A Suitable Countertop

Kitchen Design Tips - choosing the right countertop.

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When installing new countertops in your kitchen, it’s important to think about the materials that you use. Try to find a countertop made from a material that is easy to clean. For instance, stainless steel countertops and ones made from granite are simple to clean whenever food spills occur. Quartz countertops are easy to clean too. Another benefit of getting a countertop made from these materials is that they are very smooth. Therefore, bacteria won’t be able to hide in any grains or uneven parts, like it can in wooden countertops.

2. Invest In A Large Fridge

Kitchen Design Tips - invest in a bigger fridge.

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Bacteria can spread very easily in fridges, especially when cooked and raw meat is stored close together. To ensure that your refrigerated food is safe, you should always store cooked meat on a shelf above the raw meat. If you do it the other way around, the juices from the raw meat could drip onto the cooked meat and transfer bacteria. Storing cooked and raw meat together could be dangerous in a small fridge. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in a large fridge which will have plenty of space to keep meats separated. Think about getting a large American-style refrigerator to add some elegance to your kitchen’s decor.

3. Ditch The Carpets And Rugs

Kitchen Design Tips - the best flooring.

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Carpets and rugs can add a dash of color to your kitchen’s design, but they can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. If you drop a piece of food or some crumbs onto a carpet or rug, you might not notice it, and it could end up being trampled into the material. Over time, this food will start to decompose and could spread bacteria around the kitchen. It’s a much better idea to get a smooth flooring for your kitchen (tiles, parquet, or wood). These can be swept and mopped clean, and you will always be able to see any spilled food or liquids.

Therefore, to stay safe in your kitchen, you need to carefully consider the design and décor of the room. Using these kitchen design tips will greatly reduce the bacteria and germs that could contaminate your food and make your family very ill!

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