Your kitchen is the most used room and undergoes the most foot traffic. Therefore, you want your kitchen design to be vibrant, stylish, comfortable and practical for you, your friends and your family. Whether you’re an avid cook, enjoy hosting, or simply love having a picturesque home, the kitchen is one room’s interior you won’t want to neglect. Here are four ways to improve your kitchen’s interior.

How To Improve Your Kitchen Design

Change the Faucet

Kitchen design - Updating your faucet breaths new life into an old kitchen.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

The one thing that every kitchen has is a kitchen sink, and while you can change it, why bother? The only aspect of a sink that makes a visible impact on your room is the faucet, and by changing it, you can promote a completely different look for your kitchen. If you want to go modern, think stainless steel with additional features of a pull-down faucet. If industrial is more up your alley, seek a more textured design.

Change the Countertop

Change the Countertop for a New Kitchen Design

The countertop is the most visible space in the kitchen, and by changing it you can create a new ambiance for your room without the need to replace all of the cabinets. Think about the foods you cook, your lifestyle and what you want the countertop to say.

However, a white marble may not be the best option for you if you have children who are going to prepare jelly sandwiches on it. If low maintenance is what you seek then look towards granite quartz which is a maintenance-free choice. By having a beautiful countertop, you may just be inspired to keep it clear of clutter to show it off – another benefit!

Change the Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Design

The lighting of your kitchen can alter how you use it. For a simple way to update your room’s décor, add statement pendant lights over the breakfast bar or eating area to introduce an element of style, function, and form.

Think about how you use your kitchen; if you spend time entertaining in its lighting is a great way to inject an accent of color into the room without going to too much effort. Remember that you need adequate task lighting for your food preparation areas to give you a safe space to prepare meals.

Change Window Coverings

Kitchen Design Window Coverings

Kitchen window coverings are often neglected when it comes to your kitchen update, but they are an important feature. You need to make sure that the coverings don’t restrict the natural light that comes into the room when they are open.

Whether you choose a fabric curtain, blind, or plantation shutters, you need to make sure that they can be easily cleaned and will cope with the condensation that can occur from cooking. This is the opportunity to add a stylish touch to your kitchen. Go all out and choose a pattern that is unexpected for a kitchen: think about bold and patterned textiles or perhaps a metallic fabric.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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      Hi Carolyn, It’s true that you’ve got to be inspired by your kitchen in order to be the best at entertaining. In 2013 I finally got to design my own kitchen after 30 years in the industry and boy does that kitchen get a lot of use!


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