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Curb appeal is your homes first impression to the world and you want it to be stand out. It is especially important if you are wanting to put your home up for sale. A bad first impression could more than likely sour the deal. Whether you intend to sell your home or not you should want your home to have an inviting look and feel when people drive up to it. Curb appeal doesn’t take a lot of effort and I am going to talk you through six sure-fire ways to warm up the front of your home.

6 Tips to Fix Your Homes Curb Appeal

Declutter and Clean

It cannot be stated enough how a good cleaning of the exterior of your home can do wonders for improving the home’s curb appeal. Removing handprints from the door, handles and windows give them a fresh new look. I like to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to do the job, it’s as easy as wetting the sponge and wiping. And you don’t have to invest a huge amount of money to make a difference.

Curb appeal starts with the front door.

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Everyone knows the importance of a front door for curb appeal so if your door needs painting then apply a fresh coat of paint. This is where I like to make a statement by going with a bold color that pops. Also, you will want to replace any worn out hardware on the door. Shiny hardware can breathe new life to an old door.

Removing cobwebs around overhangs, especially doorways, makes your home seem brighter and more appealing. You also want to think about adding things that give your front entry an inviting look like a welcome mat and if you have a porch put a couple of chairs and a table. This is a great place to add potted flowers too, for accent color.

Add Landscaping

Curb appeal starts with cleaning up your entryway.

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Trim back bushes and trees before you assume you have to radically landscape the front yard to give it a manicured look. If you still need to touch up your landscaping, plant a few perennial flowers so you don’t have to replace the plants next year. One tip I always give about curb appeal is to accent the front entryway with two decorative planters, one on each side. You want to think about what plant you will be planting there to make sure that it will survive the amount of sunlight it will receive. Also, you will need to decide if you want to pop color here or add height and that will help you decide what plants to frame your entryway with.

Install a Gate

An entry gate can add curb appeal.

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The installation of gate automation to the driveway gives an upscale look to your home if that is what you are going for. Another advantage of an automated gate is it gives a sense of security which can be a selling point to your home. For a more homey look, you might want to add a white picket fence which will give your curb appeal a home sweet home feel.

Install a New Garage Door

Choosing a garage door that has curb appeal.

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A new garage door can dramatically improve the exterior of your home, especially if the existing door is dented and bent. If that isn’t an option, repaint it to hide the dings and scratches. The garage door is typically large and will impact your curb appeal greatly. If you are replacing the door you want to give careful consideration to the style to make sure it fits well with the architecture of your home.

Put in Driveway Edging

Edged driveway creates curb appeal for your home.

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Driveway edging is an affordable way to make a driveway look manicured and well maintained. A side benefit of driveway edging whether bricks or raised pavers is that they reduce the odds someone will accidentally drive onto the grass when backing out of the driveway.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting improves curb appeal.

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Lighting done correctly adds so much to exteriors and interiors. Not only is it a decorative option for curb appeal it is also for safety reasons. Lighting the entry into the driveway is a good idea to help guest navigate the entrance. Also, you want to make sure to light stairs and porches so someone visiting at night doesn’t fall and hurt themselves.

Everyone wants their home to feel warm and inviting and with these few tips, you could be well on your way to achieving it.

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