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Often kitchen and dining area booths are looked at as a more casual place to dine, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  If what you desire is a simple corner nook for breakfast or more casual engagements it doesn’t mean your design structure can’t be high-end.  Perhaps you’ve thought of having your main dining area a booth but have reservations about the ability of it’s capacity to reach the desired class level, or maybe you’d like something entirely original, while still maintaining the level of intimacy they encourage.

Here are some idea’s when designing your kitchen to make your casual booth more enticing, elevate a booth in your dining space, or create something completely original.

Casual Booth’s Modernized

Take your classic style booth and work it into a nook in your kitchen.  But what can you do to make it match your up-to-date modernized kitchen?

It can remain casual enough for a simple breakfast, lunch, or tea, but by using clean and bright colors, natural lighting, and as showcased in the photo below something like a glistening chandelier to making it tie into the decor of the relatively posh kitchen.


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This casual booth has been designed in a small space but doesn’t feel small.  However, it really embraces the lack of space by giving the booth an intimate feeling.  This booth is clearly intended for family or close friends, giving a sense of importance for those that are invited.  Meanwhile, it still manages to fit in the modernized rustic style kitchen and is visually pleasing.


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Elevate Your Booth In Your Dining Space

Your main dining area is a very important place in the home.  It’s where you bring your important guests, but it’s also where you share meal time with your family.  Conversations that range from business to social gossip exist here, and it’s very important to know what mood you want to set.

If you’re the daring type and like to color outside the lines this photo example below could inspire something both whimsical and original.  This dining booth has a level of class involved, but you can see by the color use it’s probably intended for ladies.  Wine, tea, or a dinner to gossip seems the kind of mood setting this room creates.


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A formal booth setting?  Sounds almost like an oxymoron, but what this image below has managed to do is create a posh and clean looking environment.  A room with that much white says immediately that it is important.  Besides the elegant mood set, the room itself feels open and full of space. (Light colors always give a room a sense of brightness where natural light isn’t available.)


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Make Your Booth Experience Original

When designing your own booth, there really aren’t any rules you have to follow or concepts that can’t be explored.

In the photo below the kitchen area’s booth is being utilized with chairs at the booth.  This set up could be dressed for for a formal dining served by a chef, a wine tasting, or something as casual as a family breakfast.  The open space allows for adding a large dining table for dinner, but the natural light would be a great inspiration for a luncheon as well.



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