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Interior Design Tips for Spring & Summer

5 Interior design tips to stay on trend in 2018.

With spring and summer just around the corner, now is the time to dive into those interior design tips you’ve wanted to try. Whether you’re still dealing with the aftermath of winter or the rain of spring is bringing you down, these interior design tips will brighten your day. We mentioned a few days ago how the summer is shaping up in terms of interior design trends. Today, however, we wanted to talk a little bit about how you can make some of these trends your own. Using these fun interior design tips, mix and match to create a fun, playful, and evocative space all your own.

Bring on the Shimmery Floors

Perhaps your dated carpets are dragging your decor down, or maybe you just need to brighten up your space. One of our favorite new interior design tips is to trade flat, boring colors for options with iridescent hues. Pair them with the right wallpaper and decorative paint accents, and you’ll achieve a true one-of-a-kind look. We’re loving the idea of a pretty blush rose-colored carpet. Team it with pale blues and muted greys, and it’ll be as chic as can be. If replacing your carpets seems a bit daunting (and it can be), consider an area rug instead. Each little accent you choose will transform your room. And each shimmery floor we see takes our breath away.

We're loving adding iridescent rugs to our interior design tips.

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All About Ombre

We’ve seen ombre take center stage the past few years in the world of beauty, but now it’s evolving into a design trend. Ombre means “to shade,” and it offers a stunning visual effect when done well. This is one of our favorite interior design tips because it can work in so many different ways. Go big with layered rugs, or go simple with ombre curtains. One of our favorite ways to create an ombre effect though is to use it throughout your room. Layer the gradient through different pillows, bedding, cushions, and accent features. Each little detail will shine.

Ombre reigns as one of the best interior design tips.

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We’re Seeing (Indigo) Blue

Indigo is on the rise this year like never before.This gorgeous shade of blue-purple injects your room with a mystic, exotic sort of vibe, and we’ll definitely say that a little goes a long way. Because this inky hue can be overwhelming, we recommend steering clear of painting your entire room this shade. Instead, use indigo to accessorize. Order fantastic art prints. Add the perfect indigo flowers or vases. Whatever you choose that’s indigo, make sure to vary size and shape to create an interesting visual effect.

One of our favorite interior design tips is to go bold with indigo.

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Greenery is Gorgeous

We mentioned that green walls are one of the biggest trends in home design right now, but we know it’s not necessarily feasible for everyone right now. One of the best interior design tips to incorporate greenery into the home is to go the traditional route. Instead of just fresh-cut flowers, add beautiful indoor plants. Ferns, bamboo, potted roses, aloe, and snake plants are especially popular because they’re forgiving for those with less-than-green thumbs. Not only will they create a calming and serene environment, but they also work to clean and filter your air. That’s a real green initiative.

Adding indoor plants is one of the best interior design tips.

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Go for Geometry

Geometry is a huge trend this year, as well, but we want to talk a little about how you can incorporate it into your home. While striking when used through accessories, we love the idea of taking on the wallpaper trend and using it there. Once you’ve created your geometric wall, layer your room with great statement pieces to balance the bold wall and accentuate your design aesthetic. If you have a quirky space, using the right geometric print can bring that mod, retro vibe to life. Better yet, this is a trend that you can DIY, so don’t be scared to get your hands dirty!

Geometric wallpaper is one of the best interior design tips this summer.

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Give These Interior Design Tips a Try

Trends are fun, and we love watching them evolve over time. Even more so, however, we love turning those trends into great interior design tips for any homeowner. Whether you’re going bold with a great new hue, buying a new rug, or just swapping out accessories, we’d love to see how you transform your space!

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