The best vacation rentals allow travelers to find comforts in a new home away from home. Whether you’re renting out a small log cabin in Colorado or a luxury house in Arizona, making the guest’s vacation experience as memorable as possible is essential for turning a profit.

7 Tips for Making Your Vacation Home More Memorable

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If your guests remember your home and think back fondly on their experience of staying at your place, you’re much more likely to see them come back the next time they’re in town. If managing your vacation rental property is too much of a hassle, you may also want to consider hiring a reputable rental management company

Generating income from rental properties can be incredibly challenging when you’re just starting out. Because your property doesn’t have any reviews associated with it, it’s challenging to get guests in the door. Before worrying about increasing bookings, however, optimize your home to make it as memorable as possible. Here are a few of the ways you can get started with improving the guest experience from the ground up. 

Assemble a Contemporary Interior Design

Your interior design strategies can play a substantial role in making your property more memorable for your guests. If everything within your space works together to create a relaxed, modern, and comfortable environment, your guests will have an incredible vacation experience. While it might not seem like interior design matters to many guests, it’s often a determining factor for choosing between your property and someone else’s at the time of booking. 

Modern or contemporary interior designs allow your spaces to maximize natural light, which is essential for creating a space that feels open, warm, and welcoming. Simple, cool color choices, such as gray, blue, and white, bring a relaxing tone to each room. If you have a beach or waterfront property, make sure your interiors connect the guest with the natural features of their surroundings. Coastal decor and wall art allow the interiors and exteriors to become a single space. 

Upgrade Your Online Listing

Following the renovation and design process for your vacation property, you’ll need to consider what your listing looks like online. A good first step for improving your vacation home’s online presence is to hire a professional photographer. Your potential renters will look at the photos of your property before they read any of the descriptions. If your interiors are eye-catching and appealing in these photos, you’ll find it significantly easier to fill up your bookings calendar. Don’t forget to capture any luxury features of your property, such as a pool, big-screen TV, or hot tub. 

Next, you’ll need to turn your attention towards your listing’s descriptions. By the time your potential guests scroll through the photos and read the basic information on the property, they’ll be on the lookout for the minor features that apply to their needs. 

When describing your vacation home, don’t waste time or space writing about the landscape or the modern interiors of your space- let the photos do the talking for these features. Instead, talk about minor comforts that will ensure the guest is comfortable. What amenities does your place carry? What appliances are available? Where are the beds located, and what are their dimensions? Sometimes, it’s the minor details that matter the most. 

Stock Your Home With Luxuries

Gone are the days when clean sheets and a couple of packets of instant coffee were the expectation in terms of amenities. If your property has a kitchen or kitchenette, consider the cooking equipment you have on hand. What upgrades and improvements can you add that will leave your guests feeling pleasantly surprised? 

Consider offering additional seating options, cushions, and candles for your dining and living room spaces. Instead of a simple TV, offer an entertainment center with streaming services like Netflix and HBO and maybe even a few video games. A luxury assembly of amenities allows the guest to transform the space so it becomes more like their own home. 

Select Quality Furnishings and Design Elements

Timeless quality beats trendy and affordable, regardless of what type of space you’re renting out. As your bookings schedule continues to fill, you’ll need design elements and furnishings that can stand the test of time. You don’t want the furniture to look worn out after a few visits. Consider that many groups renting vacation homes are families with small children. Are your furniture pieces child or toddler friendly? Durable home design products will pay you back over time with reliable functionality for everyone who comes to stay. 

Keep it Clean

This one’s simple. If your home isn’t 100% clean, your guests won’t be coming back. Instead, it will make your vacation rental property memorable for all the wrong reasons. Consider hiring a cleaning service company to handle this portion of your operations to ensure that all areas of your space are reliable and comfortable for every guest. 

Stay Accessible

Guests who meet the homeowner are significantly more likely to remember their stay. While not every vacationer wants to deal with the property owner, there are plenty of individuals who appreciate the option. They will reach out to you directly in case there’s an issue. Your responsiveness in replying to messages, answering booking questions, and solving problems can go a long way in improving your guest’s experience. 

Hire a Vacation Rental Management Company

If keeping your vacation home in optimal shape is too much of a time-consuming process, you might bring on a rental property management company to help. A full-service management company can help you optimize your online listing, improve your interior design, and keep everything clean. While you’ll pay a percentage of each booking to the company, you’ll get considerable time savings in exchange without having to lift a finger. 

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