Whether you’re planning to remodel your bathroom on your own or with the help of a bathroom designer, deciding on your favorite décor style will help you get your whole project off to a great start. If you love sleek and clean spaces that keep the accent on architectural features, modern style might be just the right design direction for you.

Whether your entire home is designed in this vibe and it’s a real modernist’s fantasy or you just want to decorate your bathroom in it, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying bathroom accessories and furnishings. The formula for putting together the perfect modern bathroom space is rather simple – stick with simple elements in monochromatic colors that blend well together. 

How to Design a Sleek & Modern Bathroom Design that Sparks Joy


Here are all the details when it comes to this popular bathroom style, including the key furnishing elements, the suitable color palettes and finishing touches.

The Essential Furnishing Elements

A Sleek Floating Vanity

One of the biggest characteristics of a modern bathroom is a clutter-free space that evokes a sense of minimalism. One of the greatest ways to achieve that look regardless of your budget is by installing a sleek floating vanity. Exposing the floor below the vanity will make your bathroom look and feel bigger than it is, while also giving it a distinctly modern appeal. Choose a sleek floating vanity with an integrated sink-top as these models are very easy to clean, will make your bathroom look clutter-free and are beautifully minimalist.

Simple LED Bathroom Mirrors

Since modern bathrooms tend to be more on the minimalist side, your best bet is to invest in simple LED bathroom mirrors without too many ornate details. A sleek frameless mirror will look perfectly elegant in your modern space, especially if it runs from wall to wall. Or, you can also blend it with the surrounding tiles to create a flush surface.

LED mirrors can be found in a plethora of sizes, shapes and styles, which means you should be able to easily find a model that will perfectly fit your space. You can choose a battery-operated model or one that can be hooked up to the electricity. It all depends on how you want to attach your mirror and the available installation in your bathroom.

Interior designers love LED bathroom mirrors as they create the illusion of more space. They naturally trick us into believing there’s more space in the bathroom by reflecting the walls back. So, the bigger your bathroom mirror is, the bigger the illusion of space will be. Thanks to LED mirrors, even a small bathroom can look much more spacious. If you want to create the illusion of even more space, you can also paint your bathroom walls in a lighter shade. White bathrooms feel more spacious and airy, while darker colors tend to box a room in.

And let’s not overlook how LED mirror lights can easily add more ambiance to your bathroom. Do you love taking long hot baths? Your LED mirror can help you set just the right mood. Paired with lovely scented candles, your mirror will provide a romantic ambient glow and will eliminate the harshness of the main light. You will instantly create a calming and relaxing ambiance and will still be able to see what you’re doing.

A Freestanding Bathtub

If you love soaking up in hot water and indulging, a spacious freestanding tub is just what you need. However, instead of the traditional claw-foot or pedestal style model, choose a sleek modern tub. If you really like the look and aesthetics of a freestanding bathtub but still want to increase accessibility, you can also opt for a partially freestanding bathtub. These models are freestanding tubs that are partially enclosed by a wall or ledge.

Glass Shower Enclosure

Whether you go for a clear, textured, colorful frosted, glass shower enclosures give modern bathrooms a sleek and more spacious look. You can easily create an open shower with one or more glass shower panels without a door. If you decide to add a sliding or a hinged glass door, make sure to choose sleek and simple hardware that will fit in with the clean lines of the glass and will not disturb the overall look of the shower enclosure.

Minimalist Faucets

To create a modern and minimalist look, choose wall-mounted or single-handle faucets in polished nickel, chrome or matte black hues. To keep the look consistent throughout the entire bathroom, pick one metal finish and repeat it wherever possible. For instance, if you choose matte black for your bathtub and sink taps, you can also choose matte black sink drains that will match.  

Streamlined Lighting

The lighting fixtures in modern bathrooms should be clean, simple, and streamlined. To achieve the desired effect, go with sleek wall sconces, LED lighted mirrors, and recessed lighting. Your modern bathroom should feel fresh and clean, and bright LED lighting that won’t give off yellow undertones is the best option to achieve that.

The Palette: Crisp Neutrals

To make your bathroom feel airy but inviting, modern and clean but also warm, it’s essential to find the perfect balance of colors. Using a lot of white will make your space feel larger and provide a pleasing contrast to the warm elements. However, when designing, keep in mind that not every element of your bathroom has to be visually warm to achieve an overall warm effect. For instance, grey-beige and subdued grey colors can easily ground the space and create a balance between the warmest and coolest elements. This makes these two non-hue hues an excellent addition to any modern bathroom.

The color palette of a sleek and modern bathroom is very simple, mainly focusing on neutrals in timeless hues such as bright white, black, charcoal grey, and taupe. You can also add pops of color in the form of accessories such as plants and bath towels. The most popular pops of color include navy blue, royal blue, chartreuse, fire engine red, and teal.


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