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Games Room: Why Every Home Should Have One

Game room designs that bring your family together.

A family games room is always a great investment. It brings families together, and it creates a space of engagement, rather than apathy. Kids love a space to be active and get together. And, with a few simple touches, it’ll double as a great spot for guests, too.

Get into the games rooms spirit with some fun table games and comfy furniture. Go ahead and challenge the youngest one in a game. Loser should probably do the washing up!

Invest in Table Games

Consider all members for the family games room.

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It’s not just about the video games that will be played. Your games room should be about the whole family getting together and playing a host of different games. Think along the lines of table tennis, billiards, or even mahjong, both of which can be found at www.11ravens.com/billiards. Add a cupboard of board games and card games and there should be plenty to choose from.

Game tables are also great fun for adult parties as they really bring people together, especially in a room of relative strangers. Plus, with some nifty hatches, your game room could easily convert into a great cocktail bar area.  And, with a range of bottles to choose from and some cool drinkware, it’ll lend to a great night in.

Make it Comfy and Cozy

A family games room should be fun and functional.

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Minimalism works in chic living spaces that maximise light and floor space. While that’s great for those spaces, you’ll want something different for your game room. You should be looking for a cozy feel using dark colors on the walls and soft furnishings so it seems more inviting. Bean bags are brilliant for crashing on and you can also buy gaming chairs for video games.

Plenty of cushions and blankets are a good idea too, especially if you have young children. The game room is meant to be fun, so make sure they have the all the required materials for an epic pillow fort. Low-level coffee tables are also good so that young children can sit around on the floor to play games.

Your Games Room Should be Playful

Make your family games room a multipurpose space.

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Consider your game room is something of a “bonus room.” It defies the usual laws and actively encourages you to go a bit wild and break all the rules. If you want a riot of bright colors, this is the space for that. Do you want neon lights in the shape of a palm tree? Go for it. If you want to install a massive fish tank full of tropical fish, now is the time. Most of all, have fun with it!

A games room is often a luxury to have, and it should reflect your family’s sense of adventure. It’s the kind of room where anything goes. And, however you choose to furnish it, often reflects that fun that will be had. Make sure this space can be easily converted though because it might change in use. Therefore, consider the overall flow and use from time to time.

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