When is the last time you took a break to organize your life? In this fast-paced world, the organization of our lives is more important than ever to keep our heads above the proverbial waters.

By taking the time to organize your life now, you’ll get better sleep, do less housework and make room for the things you love. However, the road from Messy Town to Clean Street can be tricky to navigate.

In the spirit of making things more manageable, here are six tips to help you declutter, add space and tackle that to-do pile with ease.

Organize Your Life6 Simple Tips

1. Spruce Up Your Pantry Spice Organization

Organize Your Spice Rack

Ever experience the cascading waterfall of first one spice falling, then another and then yet another? Reserving an entire shelf for little bottles is terribly inefficient.

Moreover, it’s difficult to find smaller containers when tucked among larger items. Instead, opt for a small, spring-tension curtain rod. It’s easy to install and sturdy enough to hold the smaller, lightweight spices.

2. Use Technology to Keep Things Straight

Organize Your Life with Apps

We’re well into the 21st Century, which means it’s time to digitally organize our lives. Use these three apps to regain clarity and reduce the mental clutter that steals our tranquility.

  1. Todoist: For anyone who gleans pleasure from checking tasks off a list, Todoist is your happy place. Easily organize and prioritize your tasks so you know what to work on and when. Even create to-do lists from emails, thereby eliminating one more message from your Inbox.
  2. Camcard: Tired of a wallet or purse stuffed with business cards? Use this app to take a photo of any business card. The program will then pull all relevant information from the card and input it into your address book. Voila! Your load is suddenly lightened.
  3. LastPass: Ever get stuck in the endless loop of hitting “Forgot My Password,” then maneuvering through countless steps to create a new one? Us, too. LastPass eliminates that frustrating cycle by storing all your passwords in one easy-to-access location.

3. Reinvent the Tissue Box

If you’ve moved exclusively to recyclable bags, you may be unfamiliar with the headache of overflowing plastic bags. For the rest of us, the struggle is real. An empty rectangular tissue box makes a handy storage container for those pesky grocery bags, small garbage bags, and rags. Use a thumbtack to attach it to the inside of any cabinet to reduce the clutter.

4. Manage the Overflow Efficiently

Organize Your Life with Storage Units

Whether you’re bombarded by hand-me-down family heirlooms, children’s projects or mementos from your college years, having too much stuff is a recipe for overwhelm.

If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to your treasured belongings, yet also don’t want them taking up space in your garage, consider a self-storage unit that offers what’s best for you. Your favorite records of yesteryear will be protected for the day you’re ready to dust them off and dance around the living room.

5. Take Control of Cleaning Products

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Install a simple tension rod in under-sink storage spaces to hang your spray bottles and other cleaning supplies. Doing so will keep them upright and prevent messy spills when they fall over. Consider adding two rods back-to-back or on top of one another to amplify the space available.

6. Organize User Manuals and Appliance Records

From losing them when they finally become important to finding pages stuck together with unknown gunk, user manuals, and appliance records have a way of mysteriously creating headaches. Avoid the paper sprawl by housing them in a three-ring binder with labeled dividers and plastic page protectors.

There’s no need to wait for Spring to disseminate your spring cleaning rituals. Get started today with these useful tips to reduce, reuse and reorganize. Tell us in the comments below how you organize your life! Additionally, below you will find other links of interest for the home designer in you.

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