Everyone is busy these days, but there are some ways you can refresh your home with quick and easy updates. The thing is, life keeps marching on relentlessly and things that need to be done get pushed to the side.  Suddenly, the house is looking in need of some major TLC and spending time at home doesn’t feel quite as relaxing. If you feel like your home could do with an update and a bit of extra love, here are a few starting points to consider.

10 Ways to Refresh Your Home

Hang New Light Fixtures

Antler Lighting Fixture

Nothing makes a room more dull than out-dated light fixtures. A bright room is inviting and refreshing, so update your lighting for an instant refresh. It’s as easy as finding modern, on-trend light fixtures. While you’re there, make sure that your light bulbs are energy saving, long-lasting LED whenever possible.

Organize the Cupboards

Organize Your Cupboards

What on earth is lurking in your cupboards? Some of us have no idea. Cabinets and wardrobes become a bit of a dumping ground since most of us are too busy. Pull everything out and channel inner Marie Kondo – declutter and send anything you no longer want to goodwill. While the cupboards are empty, use this opportunity to give them a deep clean. Then put everything back in a neat and organized manner. You’ll be amazed at the difference every time you open the cupboard doors!

Make the Windows Shine

Clean the Windows

Many people neglect window cleaning until the smudges are too much to bear. But making time to bring those windows to a sparkling finish will instantly brighten your home and allow natural light to flood your rooms. All you need is a cleaning cloth and a solution of vinegar and water. After washing, dry the windows in a circular motion with a dry towel to prevent spots. You might need a professional to do the exterior if you have more than one floor.

Clean the Soft Furnishings

Clean the Upholstery

They might not look dirty, but curtains and other soft furnishings trap smells. Whether it’s smoke or cooking smells, these fabrics cling on to them, meaning that your house can never smell genuinely fresh. Check the labels and see if you can machine wash them, or use a special cleaning spray to freshen them up. You might be surprised at the difference this makes to the overall feel of your home. Make the pleasant aromas last longer by investing in some candles or a plug-in to scent your home.

Clean the Carpets

Clean the Carpets

Carpets and rugs trap all manner of dust, dirt, and grime. But since a lot of this gets trodden in, it’s not always obvious. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned will brighten up the appearance of your whole home. Just like with soft furnishing, it can also freshen up the smell of the room. You might be surprised to remember what shade your carpet was, to begin with after you see it in all its glory.

Repair the Roof

Repair the Roof

A well-maintained roof protects the rest of your home from the elements. Yet, how often do you check your roof for damage? It’s recommended that you have your roof checked twice a year. If you find that your roof is damaged, or just in need of some cosmetic repairs, it’s best to contract the services of a professional roofing company. It’s generally not safe or wise to try to repair the roof by yourself. Another way to update your roof is to keep it clean using a pressure washer. Removing moss and grime will instantly make your home look more cheerful from the outside.

Purchase New Furniture

Buy New Furniture

Is your furniture looking a little tired? Or perhaps a lot of it was picked up from various family members, but doesn’t really feel like your style? Investing in quality and stylish furniture can make you feel instantly more at home. Think of your home as a gallery in which you get to express yourself. It doesn’t need to cost much, but replacing one or two pieces with something more ‘you’ can instantly update the feel of a room.

Gallons of Greenery

Gallons of Greenery

Does your home ever feel a bit barren, but you’re not quite sure why? Perhaps it could benefit from some more foliage. The perfect plant can pep up any room. But did you know that some plants improve air quality and filter out certain toxins, too? Try a peace lily in your bedroom to improve the air quality while you sleep at night. You can even add some greenery to unconventional spaces like your bathroom. Orchids are great for bathrooms since they require very little direct light and thrive in humid areas.

Paint the Walls

Paint Your Walls

Painting the walls can be a huge job, so, understandably, many of us put it off. But dull walls can make the whole room seem less than clean. Instead of painting the entire wall, see if you can wipe down the walls first. You could use a slightly damp cloth and detergent, or purchase a magic eraser sponge. If patches of the wall are marked, you may be able to cover them with a beautiful wall hanging or mirror, which will disguise the damage while adding some visual interest to the room. If one particular wall needs some extra attention, you could consider turning this into a feature wall. It’s a lot less work to paint just one wall, after all.

Organize the Garage

Organize the Garage

For many people, the garage becomes one giant closet to store belongings. But if you have a car, it’s worth making space for it in there, since it can save you the risk of bumps or scrapes while parked on the street. Sorting out your garage could also make you money. If you live in a city where parking is at a premium, you might even be able to rent out your garage to commuters and make some extra cash. Alternatively, you could sort through your belongings and see if any unwanted items could be sold.

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