TOTO doesn’t just create absolutely stunning sinks, faucets, showers, toilets and other plumbing products that have a high-end look with eco-friendly engineering. It does much more!

TOTO, the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world with $5.01 billion dollars in annual sales, announced today that it has installed its high-performance, water-saving plumbing products in the Corinthians Arena in São Paulo, Brazil, the home of the Corinthians Paulista soccer team. With so many visitors from all over the world using its products in the Arena, TOTO is looking forward to increased brand recognition as it continues to help contribute to Brazil’s growth and development.

TOTO's Water-Saving Plumbing Products

Corinthians Stadium

“As with all major sports venue projects, the competition for the Corinthians Stadium was strong, and TOTO was evaluated against the strongest brands in the region,” said David Krakoff, President of TOTO Brazil. “Therefore, as a relatively new brand in Brazil, we were particularly proud that TOTO was chosen for this stadium, which is certainly among the finest in the world.

High-Performance Plumbing

The Design-Build Team for the Corinthians Arena (a/k/a Arena de São Paulo) selected TOTO’s high-performance plumbing products for their superior water-saving technology and energy-saving capability. These high-design fixtures and cover plates enhance the restrooms’ beauty with their clean, simple lines.

In the Arena’s high-traffic restrooms, engineers installed TOTO’s durable 1.9 liters per flush urinals (LPF) and 4.8 LPF wall-mounted toilets. They also installed TOTO’s water-saving EcoPower sensor flush valves and faucets, which use flowing water to power their electronics, creating a sustainable loop. There is no need for hard wiring. With as few as 10 uses a day, their backup battery will last up to 19 years, which reduces toxic battery waste. In addition, in the team locker rooms, TOTO installed water-saving showers systems. “The level of thought and creativity that went into the design and development of this stadium was impressive,” said Krakoff.

A First Class Experience

“It was an honor to work with Mr. Anibal Coutinho, the stadium’s architect, and to participate in his highly evolved design process. It was also amazing and inspiring to see the level of dedication that the Corinthians organization had to building a facility that would offer a first class experience to every person, in every seat, regardless of the seat price or location.”

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