If your sewer line is damaged, it might cost you a small fortune on repairs. To avoid severe damage, you must know how to tell if there is something wrong with your house and its foundation. Doing so helps prevent further damage and financial costs.

If this is something that concerns you, we invite you to continue reading to learn how to know if your sewer line is damaged.

How to Know if Your Sewer Line is Damaged

Emitting a Bad Odor 

The first sign is the bad odor that a damaged sewer line causes. These lines, by design, enclose the nasty smell of the wastewater that flows in the pipes. So, if you smell the sewer from inside your house, it means there is a problem. 

Cracks in the Foundation

If there are cracks in the foundation, this might mean there are severe problems with your sewer line. The cause for these cracks is leakage from the plumbing that washes away the soil underneath the property. Issues with the foundations also cause further damages, so it’s crucial to immediately call an expert in foundation repairs for an inspection. 

Pest Infestation 

Rodent and insect infestation are results of the wreaking smell from your sewer line. They find the smell attractive, which results in them settling around your property. Also, some of these pests live in the sewer. Once the sewer line sustains damage and cracks open, they get out and run around your home. Pests like rats and mosquitoes carry diseases that are dangerous to human health. 

Molds Growing

Molds quickly accumulate in your home once the leaking starts. These are a sign of damage to the pipes behind the walls. This is something you must fix immediately because this exposure causes health problems and damages in the foundation and structure of the home. 

Slow or Clogged Drains 

If all of your drains are clogged, and nothing from your usual quick fix seem to work, this is a clear sign that your sewer line has issues. If this happens, immediately contact a plumber. 

Changes in Your Lawn 

Other random signs of a sewer line damage shows up as a soggy indentation on your lawn. This indicates a leaking sewer line. So, once you notice an indentation on your front yard, it’s time to call for maintenance immediately.

Major problems like this are tough to deal with, mainly because it interrupts your daily life and well-being. However, we encourage you to always go with the best solution. Remember, there is no DIY in repairing sewer lines because this is not a task for Google research. The best step to do is to call your professional plumber right away. Now that there are modern technologies like the trenchless sewer line repair, determining the problem and replacing your sewer line is less of a hassle. 

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