Are you ready to buy vinyl for your floors? At this point, we don’t have to sell you on why vinyl is definitely the flooring for you. Of course, even if you’ve not yet made your choice, you are not out of the woods yet! You still have a long way to go because choosing the right vinyl flooring is a task on its own. Remember, you will encounter a variety of vinyl floors, and if you are not particular about what you want, it’s overwhelming. But, there is no need for alarm! This article will give you all the tips that you need when choosing suitable vinyl floors. Let’s dive in!

6 Steps to Buying the Right Vinyl Flooring for your Home

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

1. Always consider the room.

The function of the room is probably the most vital factor when determining the right flooring for you. What type of room is it? What is the level of traffic? All thanks to technology, many advancements have been made to vinyl. So, if you plan to install the floors in a moisture-prone area, keep in mind to get 100% moisture-proof vinyl.

Additionally, high traffic rooms will need an extra layer of thickness to stand up to the wear and tear. For spaces susceptible to temperature changes, you may have to invest in rigid core vinyl if your floors will hold up.

2. Your style takes double points.

Never make the mistake of only thinking functional when picking your vinyl flooring. Your taste matters, and so does the overall appearance. Always take into account your style if you do not want to be shopping for new floors only a few years in. The amazing thing with vinyl is it allows you to experiment with colors and design, so your style will not be limited.

3. Existing décor.

Basing your flooring on an empty room can set you multiple steps back. Always consider the existing décor in the room. The right flooring should match the molding, ascent, and furnishings in the space. Because you can find different hues of vinyl in the market will bring out the room’s aesthetics and features. You can still stick to your modern design by incorporating ceramic-looking vinyl tiles to complement the space. If you have a rustic vibe going in your home you can find wood-like or real stone-like vinyl planks for the floors.

4. Think about your comfort level.

Comfort is a factor you should always pay mind to whenever you are investing in vinyl flooring. Vinyl generally has a warm underfoot, but your preference will always determine the extent of the softness. An underlayer or wood sub-floors will have an impact on the softness of your floors. If you live in a cold area, heating floors are a feature you would want to add to your home to improve comfort. An extra layer of thickness will also change the feel of your underfoot.

5. DIY, maybe?

You may not think it matters, but whether you are doing the installation yourself or hiring an expert to do it matters when selecting your floors. Vinyl comes in various styles, some DIY friendly and others that require professional help to install. So which flooring customer are you? Are you the ‘do it myself’ or ‘call a contractor’ kind? Ensure you know where you stand so that you get one that is most convenient for you when buying.

6. Return on investment.

How many returns do you expect to get from your floors? When floor shopping, you will be viewing vinyl floors at different price ranges. One thing you should know is that the maximum returns may require you to invest more in your floor upgrade. Paying more means, you will be getting more features added to your floors to make them durable and less susceptible to damage. Standard vinyl floors will last you only for a few years, although the price will be more affordable. It is up to you to make your choice and by weighting between budget-friendly vs. rigid core.

The right flooring means finding vinyl that suits both your needs and that of your home. With this guide, you should narrow down your vinyl choices from the pool of options in the market. Make the right choice and enjoy the texture and appearance of vinyl floors. If you have any suggestions to add, please do so in the comments below. Also below are links to take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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