Is it time to new, modern carpet in your home? The thing is, after a while, carpets get dingy and dirty with stains. Even a good steam cleaner might not do the job. This is aside from the fact that some people think carpeting is out of style.

However, with this information, you might decide that it’s time to upgrade the look of you home with a modern carpet. But, what do you look for when shopping around? Moreover, what makes modern carpeting a good fit for your home? 

If these are questions you wonder about, we’re here to help. In fact, here are our top four tips for choosing new, modern carpet for your home.

Modern Carpet for Your Home • 4 Excellent Tips

1. Selecting the Texture

Not all carpets are soft and sometimes that’s okay. If you want a specific texture of carpet, you need to look into the material and the weave. 

For example, a short-pile carpet with a tight weave is likely to be soft but dense. Also, this is good for high-traffic areas that require more frequent cleaning. 

Carpets that have synthetic fabrics vary in texture. As a result, some are soft to the feet but rough on the hands or other softer parts of the body. Unfortunately, this makes them less than ideal for those with small children who are always on their hands and knees.

2. Consider Your Style

Are you into a single flat tone for your entire carpet? This is nice, minimal, and generally inoffensive regardless of the type of furniture you pile on.

Or, are you into something with bold patterns? Carpets with patterns aren’t as trendy, but they’re a great look for a home that isn’t afraid to be a little “out there”. Interestingly, pattern carpets go great with a monotone and minimalist furniture setup.

Then, you have to consider color. Most carpets are beige, brown, or a dark color. This is good for keeping them looking clean for longer. So, if you’re not afraid of the extra upkeep, why not opt for something bold and bright? 

Additionally, we love the green trend right now and it goes well with a home with wood furnishings. 

3. Keep Durability in Mind 

Durability is the functional part of the carpet-choosing journey. It’s not as fun as considering the softness and the color, but it’s just as crucial.

If you have high-traffic rooms you need durable carpeting that cleans easily. While it’s great to have an all-natural carpet cleaning service on-call, you also need to be able to do your weekly vacuuming and not have any residue stuck between the fibers. 

Carpets also wear down. As a remedy, place a carpet with thick padding underneath for places that see a lot of traffic, like the living room or the children’s bedrooms. 

4. Consider Sustainability 

The sustainability wave is strong in 2020, so for a true modern bedroom carpet, you want to go green. Therefore, see if you can find a carpet made out of bamboo. Not only is this carpet extremely soft and durable, it’s also eco-friendly and natural. 

Some companies also offer carpet made from recycled plastic bottles. This might not sound soft, but it is. Recycling disposable materials like this is a great way to upgrade your home and say “thank you” to the environment at the same time. 

Is It Time for a Modern Carpet In Your Home?

Choosing your next modern carpet is a big decision. Carpeting doesn’t get replaced very often and you want this installation to last a good while. 

Also remember that i’s best to go to the store in person to feel all of your different options before making your decision, if you want your floors to look and feel their best.

If you have any other suggestions about modern carpet, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Also look for other exciting information below about all things design.

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