Grab rails or handrails are great for improving mobility around the home, they can be used for older adults or people with disabilities. They are specifically designed to support the weight of a person, helping them to balance and navigate their way through their property with less effort. They can be placed almost anywhere in your home and they help to reduce the risk of falling.

In case you haven’t yet considered handrails for your home, we’ve gathered information that will help you make informed decisions.

Adapt Your Home for Increased Independence with Grab Rails

Accidents at Home

Research tells us that falls are the leading cause of injury among the elderly in Australia. You’ll find that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 experience a fall in their homes. This is a frightening thought, especially if you have no one to call for help.

Preventable Health Risks

Luckily, falls can be massively reduced with the assistance of home upgrades such as handrails. They are an inexpensive piece of equipment that minimizes the risk of falls around your property. What’s more, they can be installed almost anywhere, including outdoor spaces.

If you are looking for ways to increase safety measures around your home or the home of a loved one, search for companies who specialize in handrails in Melbourne, or wherever you are located in the country.

Advantages of Installing Grab Rails

Grab rails

• Increased Safety

As mentioned previously, handrails are excellent for reducing the risk of falls in your home. Therefore, the most obvious benefit of installing grab rails is injury reduction.

They offer protection when you move around so that you don’t have to look for support when carrying out chore Instead, your handrails are there to act as a support mechanism. Grab rails can be fitted almost anywhere, including your bathroom, stairs, shower, and outdoors.

The reason they are so effective is simple, they are placed in specific areas of your home, where added support and assistance is essential.

• Better Stability

Installing grab rails in your home gives you and your family peace of mind. They aren’t just great for the elderly and people with disabilities, they also provide support for young kids who are a little wobbly on their feet and people with injuries.

• Slip Protection

Areas such as our bathrooms can get slippery due to condensation and other factors. By strategically placing grab bars in the high-risk spots, it stops people from slipping. That’s how high-quality handrails with grip protection give you a helping hand when you need it the most.

• Freedom to Move

Handrails are perfect for an instant increase in mobility. Having grab rails means you’re more independent and have access to areas of your home that are otherwise off-limits. They give back the freedom to move around without worry.

• Reduced Pressure

As we get older, our joints start to ache more from simple exercises like walking up and down the stairs. Grab rails can help to take pressure off our joints, relieving pain in sore spots like our knees and ankles. The most effective and safe way is to apply all your weight on the handrail when moving up or down the stairs.


If you are thinking about adding this product to your home, you should make sure you work with an experienced company. They should be a knowledgeable supplier who can offer expert installation services. When choosing a business in Melbourne, do some research and pick an installation team with an impeccable reputation.

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