Both custom and project homes are great ways to build new homes that meet your expectations. However, each option offers its own set of pros and cons. Of course, every homeowner is unique and wants to achieve different things from their design. That’s why one type of build isn’t suitable for everyone.

If you’re struggling about building a custom or project home, try asking yourself the questions below. Doing so might just enable to make the right decisions for your family’s needs.

How to Decide on a Custom or Project Home Build

Custom or Project Home • How to Decide Which is Best

1. Are you on a tight budget? 

Project homes tend to be more affordable than custom home builds. So if you don’t have a lot of financial wriggle room, a project home is the best option for you. 

Project home builders specialize in reproducing the same (or similar) home designs in multiple locations. This is a technique that allows them to offer a fixed price on their homes. They know exactly what the material requirements are and the cost and labor for constructing the home. They are also often able to negotiate discounts by purchasing materials in bulk for multiple projects at once.

In contrast, custom home builders are working with more unknowns. They’re not working to a standardized set of plans, but are instead creating something entirely unique. While most custom home builders provide accurate cost estimates, you might make changes as the build progresses. This adds to the total cost, highlighting the importance of having a contingency budget.

2. How flexible is your timeline?

Depending on the size of the home, project homes can often be completed faster than a custom home. Again, project builders follow a model of home building that includes knowing how long it takes to complete the project. On the other hand, custom builders might encounter unforeseen delays that negatively impacts the project timeline.

3. How particular are you about the design?

A key downside to project homes is that you’ll be somewhat restricted in terms of the design. 

While some project builders allow minor changes to the design of the home, they generally don’t accommodate significant alterations. If you manage to find a project home that employs great design then that is a good option. However, if you want to create something more unique, it’s best to build a custom home.

Custom home builders are used to working on various projects including architectural design homes. So, they might be more accommodating of your requests while offering greater flexibility to perfect the design.

4. Is there anything unusual about the location you’re building in?

If you’re building on a sloping block or in a significantly challenging location, a custom build may be the way to go.

Project home builders tend to prefer building on flat, suburban-type blocks. Doing so makes it unlikely that they will encounter the unexpected. This ensures them that the project will be on time and on budget.

Custom builders however are generally better equipped to handle more challenging circumstances. They should have experience building under similar conditions and working to one-of-a-kind blueprints that don’t follow the standard playbook.

In conclusion.

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